22 Things I Love About My Big As She Turns 22

22 Things I Love About My Big As She Turns 22

"I have the best Big ever!" - Every sorority girl ever. But seriously, I have the best Big and I would do anything for her.


Hi Lindsay!! Happy birthday! I hope your T-Swift year is one to remember. I am so lucky to have you in my life and I honestly can't believe i survived without you for so long! You're my heart, ribs, toes, and all! Everyday I am so thankful for our friendship and sisterhood. You are the big sister I never knew I needed but always secretly wanted. You inspire me to be more like you everyday. You are the coolest, funniest, most real person I know. You deserve the world and more Big! And while there is a billion reasons I love you, here is 22!

1. You are always there for me

Brittany Tomore

Honestly, God bless you for putting up with me. I am a lot to deal with, yet you handle me and all my random problems so effortlessly. Not to mention you held my hand while I pretty much had a mental breakdown over the Pittsburgh Penguins - you're a real one for that.

Ever since I got you as my Big, I have never had to worry about being alone, because I always know that you'll have my back no matter what. I just want you to know that i will always be there for you too. Like I would straight up give you my kidney if you needed it.

2. You always tell it like it is

Your honesty is much needed at all times. I love the fact that you have no filter and always say what's on your mind. Whether it is saying something snarky under your breath or calling someone out, you're always right and I admire that you give zero fucks.

3. You have the greatest selfie game out of anyone I have ever met

Kylie Jenner who? You always look so good in every picture you ever take and I don't even know how you do it. It must be magic or the fact that you are just ridiculously beautiful. All hail selfie queen Lindsay!!!!!

4. You are my Yeehaw twin

At Kelsea Ballerini!!!!

Brittany Tomore

They always say yeehaw but never ask hawyee.

Anyway, I'm so glad I have a person that loves country music and the south as much as I do! One of my favorite memories is when we went to see Kelsea Ballerini together because I felt like that was the first time we really bonded as ~big and little~. I will always remember that and can't help but think of you when a Kelsea Ballerini song comes on!

Can't wait for you to move to Texas one day where I will constantly be visiting you!

5. You support all my decisions - good or bad

For example, telling me it is okay to skip class to get Dunkin. I need that kind of support in my life at all times. Thank you.

6. You always come out with me, even when you don't want to

*Insert video of you in sweatpants at a frat party*

7 You treat my friends like your own

Brittany Tomore

We are one big happy friend group! But you really don't know how much it means to me that you love my friends and hang out with us all the time. We all love you so much and think you're the coolest person ever. Like, we're pretty much a Lindsay fan club at this point.

8. You give great advice

Brittany Tomore

You always know exactly what to say, especially when I am freaking out over stupid boys! So, once again, God bless you for putting up with me. And thank you for always talking off a ledge when I am being over dramatic (which is all the time).

9. You make me step out of my comfort zone

You're always encouraging me to try new things, such as go on dates with boys who aren't my type. You have a way of being able to convince me of doing almost everything. You make me feel a little more brave and I think that is such a special quality that you posses.

10. You are the best picture partner ever

Brittany Tomore

This for sure ties in with you being a selfie queen. You are just so gorgeous and perfect you make every picture look good. I love taking picture with you and turning every event into a photo shoot. I can't wait to take pictures together forever, especially at our weddings!!!

11. You're the best hype man ever

I literally don't think anyone could ever hype me up like you do. You are always on some next level because you can convince me I don't look like a dying bird when I have no makeup on and I am wearing clothes from middle school. How? You're just simply the best.

12. You're the most fun person to be around

Brittany Tomore

Whether it is sitting on your bed or hanging out in a study room, I always have fun when I'm with you. Your corny jokes always make me laugh and I just can't help but be in a great mood when we're together!

13. You pack snacks when we go out

Honestly, it is iconic to see you pulling out tortilla chips in the middle of a frat basement. Only you could do this without me hardcore judging

14. You're my sporty spice soul sister


The fact that you know so much about baseball and football really impresses me. One of the reasons I knew we would get along so well is because we both love sports so much! I love you as much as you love the Cowboys and San Francisco Giants combined!

15. You're super protective over me

You're literally a mama cub protecting her baby. It is frightening and heartwarming all at once and I couldn't thank you more for always looking out for me.

16. You have the best family

Besides having the best kids (me and Tori, duh) you have such a cool family! When I grow up I'm pretty sure I want to be like your mom, she is so cool and beautiful and a lot like you! And all your stories about your brother always make me laugh. Plus your family has to be amazing because they helped make you who you are which is PERFECT!

17. You're great at crafting

Brittany Tomore

My Saturday's are for the Alphas canvas is easily my favorite thing ever. You knew exactly how to combine the two things I love the most (Barstool Sports and AOII) and make into a beautiful room decoration. I am envious of how talented you are considering I can barely make a hand turkey.

18. You're always down to get food

Whether it is going to a diner or half price apps, I can always count on you to be my hangry soul sister who is always down to spend money we don't have on food we don't need. We all need that kind of person in our lives and I'm so lucky mine is you!

19. You make the best plans

Looking at Christmas lights and then getting food at the Cheesecake factory? Only a genius would think of something as perfect as that.

20. You're super fashionable

From your monogrammed vests to your adorable cowboy boots you always look so put together. Please take me shopping and show me your ways so I stop going out in public looking like a sewer rat while you look like Gigi Hadid.

21. You've helped me live out my dream of being an annoying stereotypical sorority girl who always talks about how perfect her Big is

Brittany Tomore

Literally you're the best and I don't care how cliche that is. Also, when you graduate I am going to cry buckets and fall apart because I adore you endlessly.

22. I feel like you are my best friend soulmate

I am so blessed to have you in my life. I am so thankful to have met you because I feel like you have a part of my soul. I hope this next year brings you nothing but joy and happiness because you don't deserve anything less than the best life has to offer. Thank you so much for being my favorite person and my Big. There is no one else I'd rather look up to. Here is to us being bffs and Big and Little forever!!!!!

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