Music is something that I feel has the power to bring us all together.

That being said, I don't understand why people seem to be so down on rap music. When I meet someone new and the inevitable question of what my favorite kind of music is, comes up they are always surprised to hear me say rap. I guess I don't "look the part" which makes me wonder what a rap fan is supposed to look like. I imagine its a person that likes rap music but apparently I'm wrong.

I get that rap music's stereotype isn't great, but it is just that, a stereotype, it isn't always true. I feel people assume a lot when it comes to rap music

Rap has always intrigued me. The idea of speaking and rhyming so quick and fluid is awesome. I can't sing very well and I feel that rapping doesn't require a good singing voice. It does require a quick-thinking mind, which for some can be hard.

To rap all one has to do is being to speak and rhyme on beat, something I am more able to do. I don't rap, but I feel that If I was forced to do one or the other, my rapping would fair better than my singing.

The first "rap" I ever heard was from Epic Rap Battles of History. I'd have their playlist on repeat while I did homework and could do a few of them. Eminem is the big one I listen to nowadays. Cinderella man and Rap god were the ones that got me to listen. Since then JT Music has been the second big rap artist that I listen to.

The Venom movie had a song by Eminem in it and that has gotten me back into Slim Shady's world. I hope just maybe this has gotten you to potentially try out rap music instead of just dismissing it like everyone else.