Why I Don't Identify As A Feminist
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Why I Don't Identify As A Feminist

A not-so-popular opinion with the ladies.

Why I Don't Identify As A Feminist
Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher.

There are some aspects of feminism that frankly don’t make sense to me. Not all feminists are like this, but some just make a bad name for the rest of them, which is a shame. 

Now, before I get a ton of hate emails, let me start off by agreeing that the definition of feminism is very broad and can mean many different things. My opinions may not reflect your opinions, and this article is nothing more than opinions. Also, I’d like to remind all my lady friends out there that I’m in a male-dominated major and field, so it’s not as though I’m oblivious to all the misogyny that is out there. Sometimes, though, I think that we get a little too caught up in the political correctness of everything, and the label "feminism" tends to be full of people who take things overboard. 

                 I’m going to start with the one that makes me the angriest. You cannot be a feminist and expect chivalry. Do you know how contradicting this is? Equality means that you better be holding the door for whoever is behind you, man or woman. Some guy didn't hold the door open for you? Deal with it, princess. If you’re going to parade around screaming “GIRL POWER,” then you should use some of that energy to open the damn door yourself. Stop expecting guys to pay for your dates. While my ex and I were dating I paid for my own meals except for maybe three times… over a span of eight months. And I’m not the self-declared feminist. I suppose some of you may bring up the $0.77 to $1.00 argument. Fine, then you should pay for your meal and let him cover the entire tip. 

                While we’re at it, let’s break down the whole $0.77 to $1.00 issue. First, I’d like to recommend everyone go out and purchase “How to Lie with Statistics.” It’s a great book and will have you breaking down just about every statistic you read. How are they equating these 77 cents? The statistic implies that if a man and a woman work the same job, there will be a difference in pay. This is simply not true. Is it an average of all full-time workers? Consider the professions of a teaching and engineering. Teachers tend to be female, and engineers tend to be male. Teachers tend to make less than engineers. Does a male teacher make less than a female engineer? You bet. Are there a lot of male teachers and female engineers? Yes and no. STEM fields tend to make the most money, and also harbor the interests of less women. So is it then surprising that the average woman’s wage is lower? Let's think a little further and ask does this statistic account for women who work part time or are stay at home moms? The loop holes in statistics are endless- think about it for a minute.

                Next, some feminists straight up refuse to agree with facts. Men are, in general, taller and stronger. If I’m at the liquor store and can’t reach the bottle on the top shelf, you better believe I’m asking the tall man next to me to get it for me, rather than having “dignity” and jumping/climbing up the shelves. Sorry. You’re just ridiculous.

                Last, I think that the whole clothing/hair/makeup thing has gone a little overboard. All you’re doing is making fun of girls that feel more confident being “girly” and crushing their egos. So what, I like having long hair and wearing makeup out? That doesn’t mean I’m a slave to men’s society. You’re telling me in order to escape society I need to cut my hair, stop wearing makeup, and stop "dressing to impress men?" I wear what I like (which includes high-waisted shorts. Men happen love these so much) and there are a lot of days I don’t wear makeup-I don’t feel any better or worse about myself for it because it doesn’t matter. Period.

                I am thankful for the feminists before me that gave me the right to wear pants (imagine life with no yoga pants) and to vote and to serve in the military. These women made great things happen for women and society. But I am also ashamed of all the “feminazis” that make us seem like if we whine, protest, and throw blood on people (no wait, that was PETA…), then everything will magically be fixed. If you want equality, stop talking about it, and start doing it. You open that door for that hot man walking to class then tell him how great his ass looks as he walks away. Rawr. Go get ‘em tiger!

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