Why I Hate Elections, Especially This One
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Why I Hate Elections, Especially This One

We should be coming together, not falling apart.

Why I Hate Elections, Especially This One

November 8th cannot come soon enough. This election needs to end for the sake of everyone's sanity.

I hate seeing people who once cared about each other now tear each other apart on social media because they disagree on fundamental politics. It's almost impossible to open Facebook without seeing some sort of disagreement between opposing camps, and the longer the antics go on the more divided we seem to become.

All this election has done, and all they ever seem to do, is tear people apart. Having such polarizing opinions coming out at once just begs for conflict. The fact of the matter is there's no real right answer to many of the questions we are asking these candidates to face amidst their presidency. Everything is based on perspective.

With social media, it has never been easier to express your opinion, especially when it comes to politics. Facebook groups and Twitter accounts in support of one candidate or another inundate the Internet with their personal biases. Posting these sorts of biases often times provoke "friends" with opposing views to argue with people they once considered themselves to be close to.

Too often, these memes and videos circulating the Internet don't provide all of the information. In fact, a lot of facts are easily distorted this way as political strategy. The people who create them might not necessary be directly involved in politics, but they have strong opinions on national politics and feel the need to have a voice in the matter. They're whole purpose is to provoke people, whether it be in a positive or negative manner.

So don't let politics affect your relationships if you can help it. To some, it is their moral compass and disagreements on fundamental values may mean a lot to some people. If that is what you have always based your personal relationships on, there is no sense in changing. That is not what I am getting at here.

The majority of people don't tend to form their initial bonds off political beliefs, so why let them create a negative relationship out of something that was once almost always positive? Politics are not everything in life. They may be the basic framework of society, but they do not and should not define who we associate with in life (unless those beliefs prove to be massively extreme.)

There's so much more to life than arguing about things that are ultimately out of our control. While we do have a voice and we all should vote, we only have so much of an impact and we cannot assume our opinions are almighty and righteous because we don't see life through another person's eyes.

This election is blinding people to their own opinion without considering how the other side sees things, which is what is ultimately tearing us apart as a nation. Of course we should be sensitive to others' trauma and should refrain from bigotry, but we cannot ignore or dismiss an opinion simply because we don't see it from the opposing point of view.

If you don't allow yourself to be surrounded by at least somewhat contrasting views in life, your opinions are not allowed to grow like they could if you gave yourself a wide perspective on the world.

All of this division is unnecessary, especially when the goal is to unite the country under one front. We might disagree with one another but it's no reason to hate one another. Don't let the election change who you are, just your perspective.

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