Going To College With Your Brother Is Truly Amazing

My brother and I have been very close ever since I was born. I remember as a toddler and all throughout my preteen years I would follow he and his friends around like a lost puppy. I did not care what he was doing, but I knew I wanted to be with him. Fast-forward roughly eight years and once again I find myself looking to him for advice, granted it is for difference advice such as which bars to go to or which boys to avoid, but nonetheless he is still here.

From late night calls to dinner dates, it has been such an extreme comfort having Spencer here. I came to Florida State not knowing anybody, but I had him and I found great peace in knowing that. He has walked with me through the rigorous process of choosing a college major, supported me in the decision I eventually made, and helped me get involved with extracurriculars outside the academic world.

My absolute favorite part about having Spencer here is his late-night, drunken phone calls. These end one-of-two ways: I am asleep and he leaves me a ten minute voicemail telling me how much he loves me and how much fun he had that night or I answer (because while I know he is probably fine, I will always answer if I am awake to make sure that he really is ok) and he invites me over to hang out at 3 o'clock in the morning. On these occasions, I have no choice but to go as he will not leave me alone until I do.

These are honestly some of my favorite nights that I have had since I moved here. We sit and talk for hours about absolute nonsense. We actually had one of these nights last Saturday. He and three of his friends came over to my place at two in the morning, I fed them all because they were all very drunk, and we talked until around 3:30 when I finally made them leave because my roommate had to wake up at seven the next morning.

Beyond all the late-night conversations, I know there is someone here that I can always count on 100% of the time. Yes, there are times that he thinks he is needed when he is not. He is your stereotypical, overprotective older brother. There have been a few instances involving baseball bats, but don't worry, no one was harmed. Scared? Yes. But not harmed.

Regardless of his overprotective tendencies, I am so blessed to have him here. If you have the opportunity to attend the same college as your brother, I definitely recommend it as it offers a truly unique college experience.

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