Why Friends Who Say Goodnight Are So Important

Why Friends Who Say Goodnight Are So Important

It is a simple thing, but a massive thing.

No matter what your college experience is or was there are undoubtedly going to be a few rough patches.

Whether it’s because of home sickness, trouble adjusting, or you just really feel like things aren’t going your way, your friends are so important. The things your friends do may seem insignificant at some points like oh hey they’re my friend they’re supposed to do that anyway, but there becomes a point of realization that some friends are more important than others in the things they do.

Personally, I did not have a rough transition to college like some others I knew, but there were still ups and downs. I was lucky enough to find some of my best friends my very first day of orientation, and the rest of the gang followed in just a few short weeks.

Thinking back, it is wild to realize that we only knew each other for a matter of months, but when I had to leave them for October break it was extremely sad. Yes, I was excited to be home with my family and friends, but I wouldn’t get to see these people that I had literally went from being strangers with to spending twenty-four seven with.

During that week home, I knew I had realized something, but the feeling from that realization did not come until almost a year later. As I was home with my family I realized all the little things we did for each other; and realized that my friends at school and I did the same things. The one thing that stood out to me almost year later was the friends that say goodnight.

Now whether it’s after a rough day or a great day, it is amazing to have someone say goodnight. And in the casual, “hey goodnight,” way but like they actually care. It doesn’t matter really what happened that day, or how long you saw your friend for. It is refreshing to hear them say goodnight, just as your family would do at home.

This is to say that your friends from college eventually become your family, which is an amazing experience. In this moment, you know you have found your squad.

Don’t worry everyone finds their squad at different points in their college experience, but you will definitely know when it happens. It is a relief to know you have people that you’ve known for such a short amount of time, but feel like a second family to you. It is a truly amazing experience and it can all stem from one word, goodnight.

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Purify your life, ASAP!

Americans have an obsession with New Years Resolutions. Whether it be to ACTUALLY use the gym membership you bought last year on December 31 more or try to call your grandma more even if she doesn't understand the difference between a Netflix binge and Netflix and chill, everyone wants to do something (or say they will) when that ball drops and Ryan Seacrest cashes yet another check.

However, there is one resolution that I wholeheartedly support, and one I started making in high school: cutting out toxic people in your life. Toxic friendships are EXHAUSTING. Why keep doing something that takes just as much energy out of you as a Soul Cycle class and yet you burn none of the calories?!?

Here are seven toxic friendships you should cut out in 2018 faster than the drop in the number of people at the gym now that it's February. Time to make an easy resolution you can actually stick to and that will no doubt improve your life and make you feel 10 pounds lighter without even hitting the treadmill.

1. The one who hates women.

If you had a dollar for every time she made you hate your body, or said a comment in the dressing rooms that made all your friends want to skip that coveted trip to Wetzel's Pretzels, you have met or had this toxic friend. Why keep other people around you who are so insecure about the way they look or the way women are held to a high standard of beauty? You do not need that in 2018, but you do need a cinnamon sugar pretzel.

2. The one who hates you.

Frenemies do not just exist as a classic Disney Channel original movie feat queen Zendaya and pre-quarter life crisis Bella Thorne. Whether it's the backhanded comments that get you or the secretive plans she makes with your other friends or the rumors she spreads about you, it is not worth it! Cut her out, no matter what the consequences. Worried your other friends will side with her? If they do, then real talk girl, they are not real friends.

3. The one-way street friend.

AKA, that never is the first to make plans. You do not have to be the one who always texts first, or pays for dinner. Not only will you save money, but you will have the time to go actually find a someone who sees your value as a person and a friend.

4. The one that takes all your clothes...

...and never gives them back. It is easy to let this one slide because she is your friend, but you have to be able to stand up for yourself and not let her walk all over you. You do not deserve to be picked through the sale bucket at Forever 21 on Black Friday. Take back that adorable scarf and your self-confidence!

5. The Regina George.

Yes, the movie "Mean Girls" is iconic, and so is Queen Bee Regina George, but that doesn't mean she belongs in your IRL friend group. It is exhausting to be friends with someone who thinks the world revolves around them and expects you to go along with every whim and mean prank. Yes, her mom might be the "cool mom" and give you alcohol, but she gives you a headache worse than a hangover.

6. The one who is always right (and knows it).

Who likes a know it all? Yes, she's great at math, but rubs every score she gets in your face and mocks you for going to tutoring. Your life+her=miserable, and your life-her=bliss, now that is some simple math you can understand.

7. The one your mom doesn't like.

Rule number one of life: your mom is always right. Rule number two: if you disagree, refer back to rule number one. Moms are a great judge of character, whether it be the motorcycle riding senior you swear loved you freshman year or that toxic friend that you didn't even see right away. Trust your mom's judgment, always, and you will thank her later (even if you don't think so).

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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12 Things You Know To Be True If You Live With Your Best Friends

True things about living with friends.

Only some are lucky enough to live with people they like and tolerate. But very few are blessed with the opportunity to live with their best friends. Living with your best friends can be a joyous experience. You live together, you laugh together and, most of all, you're always around the people who make you happy. Although sharing the same space with your closest pals can have its downsides, your favorite people are always there, close to your side. Here are the good, the bad and the best parts of living with your best friends.

1. They are always there to pick you up when you're having a rough day

What are friends for?

2. They know exactly how to make you smile

Inside jokes and memes seem to do the trick.

3. They know just how to annoy you

Like having their alarm way too loud in the morning, so it wakes the whole building.

4. But you know how to get back at them

Ohh that was your ice cream? My bad.

5. They are there to share even the smallest joys with you

Yay to getting an A on your exam!

6. They appreciate your company

To making dinner or watching The Bachelor together.

7. ...Even if it is doing nothing at all.

Like taking a nap together. Quality time, am I right?

8. They understand your weird habits and quirks

Thanks for putting up with my atrocious shower singing.

9. And they won't judge you for them! Bless their hearts

Instead, they'll join in!

10. They know when to set you straight...or tell you when it's your turn to do the dishes

Everyone needs a little 'mom' from time to time.

11. They are there to lend a helping hand in times of need

Scratching your back when you really need it.

12. But most of all, they love you for exactly the person you are

Thank goodness.

Cover Image Credit: Helen Lopes from Pexels

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