No matter what your college experience is or was there are undoubtedly going to be a few rough patches.

Whether it’s because of home sickness, trouble adjusting, or you just really feel like things aren’t going your way, your friends are so important. The things your friends do may seem insignificant at some points like oh hey they’re my friend they’re supposed to do that anyway, but there becomes a point of realization that some friends are more important than others in the things they do.

Personally, I did not have a rough transition to college like some others I knew, but there were still ups and downs. I was lucky enough to find some of my best friends my very first day of orientation, and the rest of the gang followed in just a few short weeks.

Thinking back, it is wild to realize that we only knew each other for a matter of months, but when I had to leave them for October break it was extremely sad. Yes, I was excited to be home with my family and friends, but I wouldn’t get to see these people that I had literally went from being strangers with to spending twenty-four seven with.

During that week home, I knew I had realized something, but the feeling from that realization did not come until almost a year later. As I was home with my family I realized all the little things we did for each other; and realized that my friends at school and I did the same things. The one thing that stood out to me almost year later was the friends that say goodnight.

Now whether it’s after a rough day or a great day, it is amazing to have someone say goodnight. And in the casual, “hey goodnight,” way but like they actually care. It doesn’t matter really what happened that day, or how long you saw your friend for. It is refreshing to hear them say goodnight, just as your family would do at home.

This is to say that your friends from college eventually become your family, which is an amazing experience. In this moment, you know you have found your squad.

Don’t worry everyone finds their squad at different points in their college experience, but you will definitely know when it happens. It is a relief to know you have people that you’ve known for such a short amount of time, but feel like a second family to you. It is a truly amazing experience and it can all stem from one word, goodnight.