In schools, there typically are several different fine arts classes that are offered. There is music, art, theater, and maybe dance. In elementary school, the students are usually on a rotation for these classes. They usually get to experience each of these classes at least once a week. This way, they get a good introduction to fine arts. Once the students get to middle and high school, they get to choose which fine arts classes they would like to take. These classes typically last either a semester or a whole year. In this case, students get to experience these classes several times a week. During this time is when a child can discover a passion for the fine arts. I think these classes are extremely important for a child to really discover what he or she loves to do.

When I was in middle school, I knew that I wanted to do music for the rest of my life. It has always been something that is so important to me. If it weren't for my music classes, I never would have thought that music is the right field for me. In school, I always connected my music with my other classes. I used my music as a reference to everything. It became my key to learning. With this, I had very good grades in school and I graduated as an honor student.

I am not the only one whose life was impacted by fine arts. I know several people who feel the same way as me. Not everyone leaves wanting to major music or art, but several end up with an appreciation and want to remain involved somehow. Clearly, the arts have a huge impact on the lives of students.

The arts is a universal language. It does not matter what language people speak, and anyone of any language can connect with arts. If a song is in a language you do not know, you still feel the emotion of the music and can connect with people though music. In a painting, you do not need a common language to connect with someone through the message that is conveyed in the painting. Humans just have this universal understanding of art. It is essential to every culture. The arts, in whatever form, keeps us alive.

If you take fine arts away from the classroom, you take humanity away. We eat, breathe, and live fine arts. If you take away fine arts education, you have nobody to design new buildings. You have no music. You have no movies to watch. You have nothing beautiful to look at. People say that it is not important, but they do not realize that they live fine arts each day and cannot survive without it.