You're Not Honest With Yourself Until You Watch "What The Heath"
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Health and Wellness

You're Not Honest With Yourself Until You Watch "What The Heath"

Your favorite "life saving" organizations are not what you think

You're Not Honest With Yourself Until You Watch "What The Heath"

Today, what most people believe to be a "healthy" diet has been shaped by almost every well known organization there is. But, have we ever stopped to think who supports these organizations, or what their underlying purpose may be? The answer for the majority of society is "no."

In this documentary, "What The Health," director Kip Anderson sets out to research the links between common health misconceptions and some of the most abundant diseases sweeping across the nation including diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. He also delves into the relationship between how these misconceptions remain such popular relationships and the food industry itself.

What he discovers is something everyone has the right to know. For example, processed meat is classified as a group 1 carcinogen and there have been multiple links between a high meat and dairy diet to cancer and diabetes. Yet, he finds that the American Diabetes Association website recommends multiple recipes with processed meat. When more pieces are put together, he finds that some of the most well-known health organizations are actually sponsored by tons of meat and dairy surprise there. The Susan G Koman signature pink ribbon is featured on a lot of dairy products even though dairy is associated with several hormonal cancers including breast cancer.

He speaks to several doctors who all debunk the "hereditary" belief when it comes to things like heart disease and diabetes. It's not hereditary; it's just that family eating habits are passed down, and therefore the same diseases manifest when related to diet. They also shutter at the "milk builds strong bones" myth, as there is no correlation between bone endurance and milk consumption. Coincidentally (or not) though, there was a relationship between dairy consumption and osteoporosis; "Countries with the highest rates of dairy consumption have the highest rates of osteoporosis."

This is just the tip of the iceberg on the relationships this documentary uncovers. It opened up so many questions for me and made me realize these organizations have many hidden purposes and maybe just maybe may care more about receiving corporate support than they do about helping people. After all, as one of the doctors in this documentary reminds us: it's important to keep in mind that medicine and health care in America operate on a treatment basis and not a prevention basis.

I will and will always encourage people to support independent thinkers like Kip Andersen because if they aren't affiliated with large organizations or government and aren't making a profit...what reason do they have for lying or deceiving?

As Dr. Michael Klaper states in response to researchers inquiring about the cause of things like diabetes, clogged arteries, high blood pressure, and obesity..."I would tell them three words: it's the food."

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