"But females are strong as Hell!"

Damn straight we are. "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" is a Netflix original TV show created by Tina Fey. The show is about a girl, Kimmy Schmidt, who was kidnapped by an insane preacher who kept her and three other girls underground for 15 years because he told them the apocalypse had happened. The show starts with the girls being found, and Kimmy deciding to live in New York City.

This show is honestly one of the best shows I've seen in a while. It is not only hilarious, it is empowering. The show both shows and destroys all societal norms. The show is more than just quick jibs and punch lines, it's making you think about how you view the world. Here are my top five powerful messages I got from this show.

1. The 10 Second Rule.

Kimmy says to count to 10 and then start over, because you can always get through 10 seconds. When you're having a panic attack, struggling through a difficult situation, or even just working out you can use this rule.

2. Be your own ship captain.

This lesson was a little strange, but the idea behind it is sound. Kimmy tells one of the fellow girls who was kept in the bunker with her, that she has to be in charge of her own life. Gretchen, another woman who was in the bunker with her, tells her that some people are sheep and some people are sheep captains. Later, Kimmy uses her own words to convince her to take charge of her life. Ultimately, Gretchen goes and starts her own cult. While that might not be your cup of tea, it is a strong message.

3. The way we are all in a bunker.

One of my favorite episodes is when Kimmy becomes addicted to cycling. The trial for the preacher who kidnapped her is happening and instead of thinking about it, she goes and cycles. Titus points out to her that this is a way of hiding from reality, just as if she was still in the bunker. This was a very powerful message about not running from your problems.

4. Never give up on your dreams.

In the Pilot, Titus tells Kimmy to go home to Indiana. Kimmy tells him "Life beats you up, Titus, it doesn't matter if you get tooken by a cult or you've been rejected over and over again at auditions...You can either curl up in a ball and die... or you can stand up and say 'We're different, We're the strong ones and you can't break us.'" This message is one that everyone can relate to.

5. Women are strong.

This is perhaps the most obvious message throughout the whole show. Kimmy helps convince her boss, Jacqueline, to get a divorce by showing her that she is independent and doesn't need a husband to take care of her.

Everyday I watch "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" I am inspired to live my life to the absolute fullest. Kimmy shows us how precious life is. In the words of Kimmy, “Be you. Be what you want. And then become unbreakable.”