I have friends who are severely allergic to peanuts and have other food allergies that can be fatal to them if they consume it. They would always carry the EpiPen nearby just in case they were in any life threatening situation where they needed to use it. EpiPen comes in a set of two injections and is a life saver for those who suffer from allergies that can be fatal, in other words, their allergies can cause their body to develop anaphylaxis, when the airways you need to breathe can swell and close. The ingredients of the EpiPen is what makes this injection successful and useful for many. It is faster than an average Epinephrine injection (Adrenaline - a hormone naturally produced by the adrenal glands.) which helps your heart beat faster, blood vessels constrict, pupils dilate and helps your airways to open. However, the difference between Epinephrine and the EpiPen is that Ephedrine is cheap but it is difficult to inject. Most likely a professional has to do it. They have to know the proper dosage amount to be injected and of course training on how to do so. Nevertheless, the EpiPen is designed for anyone to auto inject themselves with and Ephedrine is part of the main ingredients with proper dosage, making the EpiPen accessible and easy for everyone to use.

Recently, news broke out that the price of the EpiPen increased in price an average of 400 percent, overnight. In 2009 the price came from $50 to $600 today. The price is outrageously exaggerated and the poor commentary of the EpiPen manufacture company Mylan CEO, Heather Bresch, disappointed me. I tried to understand her point of view on why it was necessary for the price to increase; however, it seems that the company doesn’t care for the millions of Americans who depend on that injection and on top of it blame the price increase to the health system. We all know the health system of the United States doesn’t play fair half of the time; and we all know things work with money in this world; however, when people’s lives are at risk, and when that’s the only effective medicine at the moment, it is not fair and it's inhumane for the gigantic price change. At this point, Mylan looks like they’re blaming everyone instead of themselves for being greedy.

The purpose of the EpiPen is to help an individual during a serious allergy or anaphylactic attack to unblock their airways, it’s a lifesaver for many and is available in schools, private doctor offices, and amusement parks. Now with the price increment, consumers and patients are on edge and can’t access it with that price. The majority of insurance companies don’t cover the EpiPen's new price. The most disappointing solution that the Mylan company suggested after the firing comments of the price increase was that they created a savings card for patients who are paying full price of 50% off, meaning that they would pay $300; which is still a high price for average families. On top of the outrages price change, the EpiPen has to be replaced yearly due to the dosage not lasting more than 12 months. The price increase is unnecessary and everyone should be aware of this situation. Hilary Clinton called this move “Outrageous” and Sarah Jessica Parker, who was a spokesperson for EpiPen, terminated her contract because of this change. I believe everyone has the right to be mad and furious. It’s important to be aware of this EpiPen scandal because it can be your friend, sister, future child or yourself that can be affected with this change.