Why Do You People Like The Cold?

When one pictures the winter months, one usually attaches the awful idea of cold weather along with it. And I absolutely hate it.

Summertime is full of sunshine, soft smiles and just better days, but the second September hits, everyone's Facebook statuses and tweets are the classic, "Can't wait for fires and s'mores and boots!!!" Hell no. Why ask for weather that forces layers and layers of clothing upon us? Why ask for weather that chaps our lips? Winter is a sad season where I do not leave my house unless I am in need of food or some kind of survival tool.

Riddle me this... what is fun about being outdoors during times when the air literally pierces our skin and forces us to cover up every inch of our bodies? And I know some of you will come up with, "Oh, but I just love winter clothes!" Well, most of the time I am way too concerned with the temperature of my body and making sure that I am still alive to notice that I have a really classy coat on. I do enjoy clothes and picking out cute outfits, however, the winter brings out a bitterness in me that makes me resent my closet because I cannot enjoy the outfit and don't even want to.

I know saying all of this is probably going against some people's opinion, but while people are asking for this cold weather and hoping it gets here faster, and in time for Christmas, they are the same people who are also complaining once it arrives. Sure, the first day is decent. They slide on some cute boots, throw on some jeans and a nice jacket, but after that everyone is about done. You guys go begging for this terrible season for so long, but then it gets here and I see a million Snapchats of the temperature filter along with a sad face covered with a scarf and a few frozen tears on your faces. That is my favorite part of winter because I can now point out how stupid and against everything great it is to ask for cold weather.

So I only ask for everyone to cool it with the tweets and statuses asking for colder days; that way I have nobody to blame but mother nature. Right now, since it is a bit chilly, I blame everyone who asked for this. You did this to me. And now I count down until spring break so that I can peacefully wear my flip flops again.

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