Why I Don't like Valentines Day

I don't like Valentines Day. It is just another day of the year for me. Do you want to know why? Because I have schizophrenia, I can't get a date.

Your reason may not be like mine. Maybe it's because you can't afford to do a Valentines Day. Or, there is something worse like you got a divorce on Valentines Day and have ward off all love from the opposite or same sex. Who knows your what your reason is no matter how goofy your reason maybe.

You get penalized if you have a relationship and don't like Valentines Day. My dad never gets my mom anything. It's like everyone in my household just avoids the day, except for my sister. She is in a happy relationship that likes to celebrate Valentines Day.

People spend all kinds of money when it's not necessary. Share what makes the relationship last longer not buy romance because you can't buy love. It doesn't work that way.

Some people just want to celebrate Valentines Day to get sex because it seems like at young aged men are only interested in that. Women watch out for guys like that. You should know that you deserve better. I know that I deserve better and so should you.

I have only ever celebrated it once with a significant other and a few times with my family. What people don't realize is that people can make you really happy and really sad at the same time. So watch out. If it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.

So I hope for all you Valentines Day haters enjoy your regular uncelebrated day like I will be.

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