Why Disney is Still the Best, Even When You're a Teen

Why Disney is Still the Best, Even When You're a Teen

The Disney magic and joy that filled us as kids still manages to bring back those same feelings years later.


Everyone has memories of watching Disney movies as a kid, or maybe even going to Walt Disney World.The magic filled us with imagination, joy, and dreams of becoming a princess or a pirate, just like our heroes on screen. Now grown, we may try to deny that we still harbor some of those feelings, but the truth is, they'll always have a secret place in our hearts. And those same movies and rides we used to treasure so much are now able to give us different feelings and experiences at a different age.

Watching your favorite childhood movie again for the umpteenth time brings back the feeling of being a child again: snuggled up on the couch after finishing your homework of writing the alphabet for kindergarten, not having a care in the world. The remembered innocence and the easy-going attitude of childhood come back to us when we watch our honored favorites. The loved characters and personalities greet us with their welcoming musicals and their bright courage and outlook on the world. Now, they can inspire us to face our problems with positivity and strength. Cheesy as it may sound, their ability to defeat any problem that comes their way while staying their chipper selves is encouraging as we face our daily struggles.

While some may think that Disney World is a place "just for kids," those that visit when they're older discover that that is anything but the truth. Going back to the happiest place on earth is an exhilarating experience, full of old memories and new experiences alike. Rides are still thrilling, food is still delicious, trips are still magical. You can visit your favorite characters and finally live out your old dream going to Belle's castle; you can ride through an African safari; you can step into the Twilight Zone and survive to tell the tale; you can help Marlin find Nemo. Going to Florida every year and staying at the mouse's house has only increased the joy and love I feel for Disney.

Mainly, Disney does a great job of sharing love and hope for everyone. There's not one Disney movie that doesn't end with a happily ever after, or have several inspirational quotes scattered throughout. They stress the importance of friendship and family, and forgiving others, being kind to everyone. Self-acceptance, generosity, courage, and goodwill are common themes throughout the Disney collection. I feel that everyone can gain and learn something from the life lessons of Disney, and can benefit from adopting some of their ideas. 'Cause everyone needs a little pixie dust in their life, right?

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