Why I Chose To Write For Odyssey
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Why I Chose To Write For Odyssey

Odyssey has given me an outlet to say what is on my heart.

Why I Chose To Write For Odyssey

As of today, I have been writing for Odyssey for a year and 3 months. Unfortunately, this article will be my last due to new opportunities to further build skills I will need for my future career. I have loved every minute of my time here at Odyssey, so for my last article, I'm going to tell you all about why I loved my experience.

I first got the idea to write for Odyssey because I had a lot to say and nowhere to say it.

At the time, I was starting many new adventures. I was headed off to college, was in a new relationship, and was making new friends. Who I was as a person was changing, and I needed a way to talk about my struggles, my successes, my ideas, and my beliefs without anyone telling me what I can or can not say.

I had read articles from Odyssey in the past and knew how helpful they were to me, so one day I was like, "Hey, I would totally be good at this!"

I enjoy giving advice to others, talking, telling stories, and sharing my feelings, and I felt Odyssey would give me the best opportunity to provide my insight to others. The idea of touching some else's life, a life I had never met, was so exciting to me!

I applied online, and within a couple days I was interviewed and ready to start writing.

What made this experience exceptionally great for me was the opportunity I had to talk about anything! Literally anything. No restrictions. Nada.

Every week I had the chance to say what was on my heart. Regardless of what it was, Odyssey was there to support me and guide me in a direction that made my ideas clear.

I have editors and a support system of content creators that helped me create my best work. I can't thank them enough for helping me along this journey.

Another aspect about Odyssey that I really enjoy is that fact that it's not just any other blog. Odyssey is a platform for writers of any skill level. I have always excelled in English and writing, but it is not my major and is not something I want to pursue on a professional level.

However, many Odyssey writers are pursuing editorial, creative writing, or journalism careers. This combination of people allowed me to receive expert help, but also lend a unique "non-writer" perspective.

Odyssey is a diverse network that spans across the whole United States and allows our Millennial voices to be heard. Writers share each other's articles, and the organization itself shares writers' content on the main site and facebook page.

I especially love the whole goal behind Odyssey, which is to start a conversation. Sometimes these are conversations that make people uncomfortable. Conversations about serious things such as mental health, politics, or climate change aren't always easy to start, but because Odyssey is open to all ideas, it makes it easier.

I'm not going to apologize for any articles in which I wrote about political ideals or beliefs. It's simply my belief and I have the right to speak my mind.

And, if you think I only read articles that are similar to my political ideals, you are mistaken.

The beauty in Odyssey is that people my age are writing these articles and they all come from different backgrounds. I loved reading articles that contradict mine because it gave me insight on how people are feeling and why they think the things they do. It helps you respect others. Being able to think objectively, and really consider all points of view is a skill set many people seem to lack these days and Odyssey encourages everyone to put aside those differences and really listen to what others have to say.

During political times like these, it's important to have conversations that might be a bit controversial, and I'm so thankful that Odyssey supports young Millennial minds like mine, who are just trying to make a difference.

Below, I have linked some of my favorite articles I have written. These are my favorites because they touch on issues that were and still are very important to me. Some were also topics that held a carefree tone that allowed my followers to have a little fun on social media.

Take a little reread if you'd like! (I definitely have been lately!)

Dear Kwik Trip, I Love You

Even If Minnesota Wins Today, They Still Took The L

I'm An Art Major, And No You Don't Have To Feel Sorry For Me

A Letter To The Tourists We Served All Summer

The Meaning Of White Privilege

20 Slang Terms You'll Hear Wisconsinites Say In, And Out Of, Wisconsin

Sorry But The Confederate Flag Was, And Will Always Be, Racist

I Was Sexually Assaulted By My Uber Driver

How It Feels To Watch High School Athletics After High School: An Athlete's Perspective.

I have enjoyed my time here at Odyssey and I can't even express how much this experience has meant to me. I have built a writing portfolio and added this experience to my resume with such pride.

I have said all that I had to say over the course of this last year, and maybe after some more adventures, I will be back writing again.

But until then, thank you Odyssey, and thank you to everyone that has stuck around and read my articles week after week. It means so much to me that you would take the time to be part of my conversations and listen to my voice.

Until next time!

Peace and Blessings,


If you are interested in becoming a content creator, I strongly suggest you go apply online. Just visit https://muse.theodysseyonline.com/apply to apply. Pick the college that you would be writing for (Example: I write for the UWEC/ UWL combined team because I attend school at UWL). I obviously strongly recommend this opportunity and trust me, you won't regret it!

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