Why Being The Only Girl Is Not As Bad As Everyone Thinks
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Why Being The Only Girl Is Not As Bad As Everyone Thinks

No I don't wish I had a sister.

Why Being The Only Girl Is Not As Bad As Everyone Thinks
Angela DeGenova

Growing up with three brothers, I always seem to have people asking me how horrible it must be to be the only girl in the family (other than my mom, of course). I hear how I must be wishing I had a sister or that living with all boys has to be a struggle. People view being the only girl in the family as some shocking tragedy, when in reality, its not as bad as everyone thinks. Being the only girl in the family actually has its benefits and I don’t think I would ever change that.

1. I don’t have to share my clothes.

I’m constantly hearing from my friends with sisters how they are always taking their clothes without asking or borrowing some item of theirs. But for me, what’s mine is mine. Having brothers means that no one is going to be stealing my clothes from me and I don’t have to worry about any of my stuff missing.

2. I get spoiled from time to time.

I’m definitely not spoiled in the way that most people seem to think when they hear I am the only girl. I don’t get everything I want whenever I want but sometimes my parents spend a little extra on me. Being my mom's only daughter, of course she’s going to get a little excited when it comes to shopping.

3. I get my own room.

Other than the few years I actually had to share a room with my brothers when I was younger, I get my own room. When I finally moved out of the crammed room I spent my childhood in, it meant that they had to share a room and I got to have my own.

4. I get introduced to all their friends.

Meeting guys isn’t really all a struggle when one of my brothers brings an attractive friend over.

5. I learned everything about boys.

While some of my friends have no idea how to even approach a guy, I’m pretty comfortable around guys. I sometimes even feel like I fit in better with them. I not only get advice from guys when I’m having boy troubles, but I also get to see the side of them that not everyone does.

6. My chores are easier.

I definitely can handle doing more but I’m not going to complain when my brothers are outside doing yard work when its 80 degrees and I’m inside cleaning in the air conditioning.

7. I grew up with some tough love.

Let's be honest, if I can survive growing up in a house of all boys, I can survive anything, It's for sure made me stronger over the years. I get the honest truth handed to me whether I like it or not and “bonding” with my brothers didn’t consist of saying how much we mean to each other or going to a movie together. It consisted of wrestling, fighting over video games, and trying not to kill each other growing up.

8. I have people looking out for me.

Even though it’s never really said, I know my brothers always have my back regardless. If I’m ever in a situation where I need help, they will be there and if I’m ever hurting, they are there to ask what’s wrong.

Being the only girl with three brothers definitely has not been easy, but it also is not a horrible thing. As much as we argue and act like we hate each other, we have a bond that no one can come in between. Being the only girl has its down sides but there are so many up sides as well. So don’t feel bad for me for being the only girl in the family, because I love it and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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