I Asked 50 Americans Why They Wear A Mask, And Their Responses Renewed My Faith In Humanity
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I Asked 50 Americans Why They Wear A Mask, And Their Responses Renewed My Faith In Humanity

Who knew there were so many people who cared about other's well-being?

I Asked 50 Americans Why They Wear A Mask, And Their Responses Renewed My Faith In Humanity

I'm not going to lie. This article was originally supposed to be "Asking Americans Why They Do/Don't Wear A Mask In Public" but unfortunately or not, I got 0 responses from people who say they don't wear masks in public.

Funny how the people who are ballsy enough to not wear a mask in public aren't brave enough to comment on a Facebook or Reddit thread. But whatever, we all know what their responses would be anyways and we know they'd all be crap (sorry for the unprofessional tone, non-mask wears really rub me the wrong way).

So, sadly, you probably won't get a good laugh out of the reasons people gave me, but after reading these, you might have a smile on your face and restored faith in humanity.

1. "I wear a mask to be respectful to other people who are also choosing to wear a mask." -Regan, 19, Ohio

2. "I wear a mask to lessen the chaos." -Kelly, 64, California

3. "I wear a mask because it's respectful to other people. It's also the law. If the health experts say there's even a 1 percent chance that it could help save you or someone else by wearing a mask, I will do it. It's a small price to pay for saving lives and opening the economy back up." -Gracie, 18, Colorado

4. "Honestly, I wear a mask because I'm told to. I don't want to wear one. In fact, for me, they're hard to wear. But I respect my community, friends, and neighbors, so I do it." -Joncie, 40, New Mexico

5. "As a scientist who works in developing models, I have some understanding of how COVID-19 mortality projections work. Lower death toll predictions assume that many people wear masks and social distance while higher predictions assume that people make few (if any) major changes to their usual habits. Knowing this, I wear a mask to do my part in making the more optimistic models turn out more accurate." -Alex, 26, California

6. "I wear a mask for the protection of others. My son is immunocompromised. My parents are in their 70s. COVID can have devasting impacts on those people, so I do my part to protect our community (and my loved ones)." -Meg, 34, Missouri

7. "I choose to wear a mask for several reasons. First, I don't want to infect any of my children or grandchildren. And, secondly, it is mandated by our governor, so it's the law." -Deborah, 65, New York

8. "I choose to wear a mask when I go places because while I know it does not protect myself, I know that it will others. Am I worried about getting the virus? No, because I could probably beat it. But my grandpa who I see to work on my car probably couldn't. Some friends of mine with health issues probably couldn't. I know that I can't be part of the real solution to the problem, but I can do my part to not worsen it at the very least." -Brittany, 21, Ohio

9. "I wear a mask because I'm hopefully protecting myself with the preexisting conditions that I have." -Evelyn, 64, Florida

10. "I live in democrat northern Virginia, so despite me only having 60 percent lung capacity, it's just too political for me to go into public without a mask on." -Julie, 70, Virginia

11. "I wear a mask to protect others, not myself. I'm a healthy young teenager. If I get it I will be OK, so I'm not worried about it, but I'm worried about passing it to my grandma with many medical issues. I don't like wearing a mask, I think it's uncomfortable and annoying, but I do it for the safety of others and understand that masks are needed." -Laney, 17, Ohio

12. "I wear a mask and social distance because at best, it slows/stops community transmission, and at worst, it's a very minor inconvenience." -Beth, 35, New York

13. "I have severe asthma, but I wear a mask anyway even though it bothers my breathing if I have it on too long because I'm a retired RN and know it is extremely important to wear a mask as we try to get this virus under control." -Gali, 61, New York

14. "I'm on oxygen and hate leaving the house for fear of contracting the virus but if I do, as uncomfortable as it is, I wouldn't think twice about it." -Gary, 69, Pennsylvania

15. "I wear a mask to limit the spread of the virus and to stay healthy for myself and my family." -Valera, 53, Oregon

16. "I wear a mask not only to protect myself but others." -Marcia, 62, Wyoming

17. "I choose to wear a mask because I think, what is the worst that could happen if the mask is really ineffective? Oh, I looked silly for wearing one... big deal. I wear a mask because I'm willing to do whatever medical advisors say we need to do to keep others, and myself, a bit safer." -Tracy, 46, Illinois

18. "I wear a mask in public because health experts say it prevents the virus, and people who went to school for 10+ years know more about how a virus spreads and preventative measures you can take more than I do. Even if they are wrong, it doesn't affect my daily life and ultimately, at least I tried to keep myself and others safe." -Brandon, 21, Ohio

19. "I wear a mask to protect me and others." -Linda, 69, Tennessee

20. "I wear a mask because it is at most a mild inconvenience to me, but it could be the difference between life and death for another person." -Kaitlin, 19, Illinois

21. "I wear a mask when I go into any public business because the essential workers of America (including myself) are required to wear a mask. Respect is something that should be honored by all parties and I just try and do my part." -Zachary, 22, Tennessee

22. "I wear a mask to protect myself, my family, and my community." -Kathleen, 73, Michigan

23. "My husband and I wear a mask because it protects others, and if others wear it, it protects us. The more people that wear a mask, the faster we can get this virus under control." -Debbie, 63, Ohio

24. "Our family wears masks because we know what it feels like to be in the 1 percent of people diagnosed with illnesses. We do it because we know what it feels like to be blinded by a disease. If there's a slight chance that wearing a mask will help save someone else's child or family member, in addition to my own family, then I will." -Kenzie, 33, Texas

25. "I wear a mask because while not perfect, they do cut down the amount of droplets that get out. I know they make vulnerable people feel more comfortable because I am one of those vulnerable people." -Judy, 77, Arizona

26. "I wear a mask to protect myself. I am at high risk. I also wear it to protect other people from me just in case I ran into someone with the virus without knowing it." -Bonnie, 80, Illinois

27. "I'm immunocompromised. I wear a mask because I don't want to get COVID-19." -Lesley, 66, California

28. "I wear a mask whenever I'm out of the house to help slow down the virus and to not infect others should I have it and not realize it." -Betty, 73, Virginia

29. "I wear one to be part of the solution." -Virginia, 50, Texas

30. "I wear a mask to protect others in case I'm asymptomatic. I could never live with the chance that I would hurt someone." -Denise, 52, Washington

31. "I wear a mask whenever I'm away from home. This is a matter of common courtesy and regard for others." -Dick, 74, Colorado

32. "I wear a mask whenever I'm within several feet of another person because it has long been advised by experts, and more recent studies, that it's the most effective way to stop the spread of this virus." -Heatherbell, 73, Hawaii

33. "Not only do I wear a mask to protect myself and others, I can't imagine dying without my family at my side." -Linda, 68, Ohio

34. "I wear a mask to protect myself, my family, and anyone I come into contact with." -Anne, 68, Indiana

35. "I choose to wear a mask for many reasons; my own safety, as I have many underlying conditions, I don't want to infect anyone else, and the unknown is scary, and it is a small price to pay to be on the safe side." -Andrea, 41, Missouri

36. "I wear a mask to keep others safe just in case I do have the virus with no symptoms." -Tina, 54, Michigan

37. "I always wear a mask when I go to stores and around other people because I don't know exactly who's right or wrong and I would rather take precautions than make anybody else sick." -Diana, 47, California

38. "I wear a mask because it could save someone else's life. I could unknowingly have it and pass it on to others, some who may be compromised." -Grace, 19, Pennsylvania

39. "I wear a mask whenever I go out to protect others as well as myself." -Ann, 47, Alabama

40. "I wear a mask to protect others from myself because I have asthma and allergies so I'm always coughing and sneezing." -Braylene, 24, Nevada

41. "I wear a mask to protect others. It's a minor inconvenience. I want the same protection for my parents and I owe it to someone else's parents to do the same." -Andrea, 49, Pennsylvania

42. "I really only wear it for the safety from the virus-like so I don't contract it and it's just to keep everyone safe for the off chance I were to have it unknowingly and less the spread." -Jon, 21, Illinois

43. "I wear a mask because I don't want to be responsible for spreading COVID to someone that could take it home to a high-risk person and I know how to think about other people beyond just myself." -Natalie, 47, Oklahoma

44. "I wear a mask to be respectful to others and to protect their health and safety." -Catherine, 19, New York

45. "I wear a mask to keep my children, grandchildren, family, and others I have never met safe from the potential spread of COVID-19. I have a moral responsibility to others." -Therese, 62, Wisconsin

46. "I wear a mask to help prevent the transfer of the virus." -Sharla, 46, Louisiana

47. "I wear a mask because the benefits massively outweigh any conceivable especially considering there are no drawbacks." -Jacob, 22, Ohio

48. "I wear a mask because it's the responsible thing to do. I don't want to take a chance on spreading the virus in case I'm asymptomatic." -Sandy, 54, Oregon

49. "I wear a mask everywhere. Do I like them? No, I hate them. They are hot and sweaty, but I wear them for me and other people." -Lynne, 71, Pennsylvania

50. "I wear a mask because it's a small thing to do, and if it helps at all, that will be great." -Leticia, 60, Alabama

If fellow mask-wears made it all the way to the end, I hope seeing that there are so many kind-hearted, intelligent people who are doing their best to save your life makes you happy. And to the few non-wearers that made it this far, have we changed your mind yet?

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