Who's Your Star Wars Enneagram Equivalent?
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Who's Your Star Wars Enneagram Equivalent?

If you're like me, you love Star Wars, and with the new movie just coming out, I wanted to know what Star Wars character I'm most like.

Who's Your Star Wars Enneagram Equivalent?

I love reading about my enneagram type. I'm a 2w3. If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, click here to take the test and find out what type you are.

It's so cool how that test, if you answered honestly, hits the nail right on the head. When I took it, I was amazed at how accurate the description of my personality was.

If you're like me, you love Star Wars, and with the new movie just coming out, I wanted to know what Star Wars character I'm most like.

1. The Reformer


Coming in as an enneagram 1 is Princess Leia. She has all of the characteristics: rational, idealistic, principled, purposeful, self-controlled, and perfectionistic.

At a one's best, they can become extremely wise. They are also very realistic and know what the best action to take in each moment is. The truth will be heard when they are around.

At worst, ones can be condemning toward others. They can also be mean to try and get rid of whoever they believe are doing wrong. Ones can suffer from severe depression and nervous breakdowns.

2. The Helper


Padme Amadala is the perfect two. A two's personality traits consist of being caring, interpersonal, generous, people-pleasing, and possessive.

When a two is at his/her best, he/she will be unselfish, humble, and give unconditional love. A two will also feel like it is a privilege to be in other people's lives.

If a two is at their worst, you will see them begin to feel victimized by others. They often become bitter, resentful, and angry. They will believe that they are "falling apart" and burdening others.

3. The Achiever


Lando Calrissian is an achiever. He is ambitious and confident. He also wants to be loved and admired by people. All of that is key for a three.

Threes at their best are self-accepting and authentic. They are also charitable and full of energy. Threes believe in themselves while also being able to adapt.

On the flip side, threes are filled with the fear of failure and humiliation when they are at their worst. They can also become obsessed with ruining whatever is keeping them from success or reminds them of their shortcomings.

4. The Individualist


Han... where to begin... Han Solo is most definitely a four. He is expressive, dramatic, self-absorbed, and temperamental.

So, at their best, fours are creative, and able to transform all their experiences into something valuable. They are also self-aware and introspective. They try to be aware of feelings and inner impulses. Fours can become sensitive and intuitive both to themselves and others.

The worst version of a four is a hopeless and narcissistic personality. It's very possible that they will alienate themselves from those around them by pushing everyone away.

5. The Investigator


Yoda is perceptive, secretive, and insightful. He is wise. Yoda personifies a five.

Fives are visionaries at their best. They are open-minded. Fives are extremely alert and able to concentrate on high levels. They can also master what they put their minds too.

At their worst, they become detached and push people away. Fives may become very self-destructive when they hit their worst.

6. The Loyalist


C-3PO is for sure a six. He is security-oriented, anxious, and suspicious.

When sixes are at their best, they are trusting of themselves and others while still being independent. They tend to be courageous and have leadership skills They are very expressive and can think very positively.

On the other hand, sixes can be very panicky and overwhelmed when they are at their worst. They also seek out a stronger authority figure to solve their problems. (I think we see C-3PO more on this end of the spectrum most of the time.)

7. The Enthusiast 


R2D2 is extroverted and enthusiastic which is the basis of being a seven.

Sevens are grateful and appreciative. They are typically joyful and excited. Sevens are typically the most extroverted types. They are lively, talented, practical, and eager.

When sevens are at their worst, they are overcome with anxiety and frustration. They will often give up on themselves.

8. The Challenger


Darth Vader is self-confident, strong, and assertive. Sounds like an eight to me!

Eights are willing to put themselves in danger to achieve what they have put their minds too, and they have a lasting influence. They are assertive, confident, and powerful. Eights are typically natural leaders and are very protective. This is all when they are at their best.

When eights are at their worst, they become completely ruthless, develop reckless ideas about their power, and vengeful. They want everyone around them to conform to their views and values, and when people don't do that, eights will destroy everything in their paths. (Vader is definitely on the unhealthy side of the spectrum.)

9. The Peacemaker


The receptive, agreeable, reassuring nine in Star Wars is Obi Wan.

Nines at their best are content. They feel connected to their inner self along with others. They are usually emotionally stable and not very self-conscious. On top of that, nines try to be supportive and optimistic with a calming effect for people around them.

On the flip side, when they are at their worst, nines can feel incapable of facing the things around them. They tend to try to block out anything that might affect them when they hit this low.

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