Who You Should Be Dating Based On Your Taste In Music

Who You Should Be Dating Based On Your Taste In Music

Every Genre Has Love Songs, Might As Well Learn From Them

Matheus Ferrero

The common thread between all genres of music is romance. Find your favorite genre of music below and I will tell you who you should be dating.

**DISCLAIMER** Obviously, this is all just for fun, please don’t take it too seriously.


Your perfect man wears either Wranglers or Levi’s. Has at least one pair of dusty boots, a cowboy hat for special occasions, and a baseball cap to share with you.

Your perfect woman is blonde with a cute Southern drawl. She simultaneously has light coloration while also being bronzed tan. In the summer she wears cut-offs and in the winter she wears skin tight jeans that stay up without a belt (but how???). She’s a carefree, wildflower, who loves to hang out on your tailgate. BONUS: She is the preacher’s daughter.


Your perfect man is very sensitive. He listens well and shares his emotions. He might have some ripped jeans with skin showing.

Your perfect woman has a beautiful soul. She has no clue how beautiful she is and you usually need to remind her that you love her just the way she is.


Whether you are interested in a man or woman, the description is pretty much the same. The ideal style is skinny jeans, laced-up converse, and a band tee. He/she is probably a little moody, but still bright-eyed enough to run away with you.

Rap/Hip Hop

Your perfect man has ice around his neck, a car worth gawking over, and won’t be able to say anything but “Yeah!” when you ask him to dance.

Your perfect woman has the measurements 37”27”42” (or at least she’s close). She can drop it down low but also is a lady in the streets.


Your perfect man picked up a guitar when he was a child. He hangs out with his boys and loves to rock. He has some sort of facial hair whether that be a beard or just the lip caterpillar. He probably wears all black, but it all depends on the era of Rock’n’Roll.

Your perfect woman wears black boots and has long brown hair. She is your brown-eyed girl, but don't let that fool you! She's feisty and dances to the beat of her own drum.

Did you find these accurate? Did you find them amusing? Are you tired of my incessant questions? Let me know, in the comments below!

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