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5 Guys Who Were Never The Bachelor, But Should Have Been

I love Colton with all my heart, but here are some of the other recent guys who could've done just as great of a job.

5 Guys Who Were Never The Bachelor, But Should Have Been

Don't get me wrong, Colton is a great bachelor, and honestly better than I expected. Excluding Colton, the past two Bachelors were Nick Viall and Arie Luyendyk, who let's admit, were pretty boring leads. Here is a list of a few of the guys that we would've LOVED to see instead.

Peter Kraus

In my opinion, the CUTEST guy ever to go on "The Bachelorette." Peter captured our hearts on Rachel's season of "The Bachelorette" when she tearfully let him go after he said he wasn't ready to propose to her. Peter's down-to-Earth attitude about marriage and raw emotion won over the hearts of women all over America.

Jason Tartick

Jason is one of the most normal, genuine guys we have ever seen on the show. He came in third place on Becca's season. Jason won our hearts over on his hometown date in Buffalo, where Jason and Becca went on a Buffalo wing eating date. Also, doesn't he look like Milo Ventimiglia??

P.S. Rumor is, Jason is now dating former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Luke Pell

Luke won over our hearts back on JoJo's season of "The Bachelorette." Luke is a nice, southern boy who graduated from West Point (Points of being smart) and then went on to serve in the Army. Rumor is that Luke was already shooting to be the bachelor when ABC changed their mind and picked Nick. We would've preferred Luke, tbh.

Blake Hortsmann

Oh, Blake. Okay, so personally I don't know if Blake would have been a good bachelor or not, but he's just too cute and sweet to leave off this list. You remember Blake from being runner-up on Becca's season, and the tons of crying and insecurity that followed him around his whole journey. Some fans loved him and thought it was cute, some didn't like that he was so open with his emotions. I think he would have been a great bachelor, but I can see why ABC may have thought otherwise.

Chase McNary

Okay, I will go on record saying Chase is the most underrated person of the recent Bachelor/ette seasons. Chase came in fourth place on JoJo's season, and was also in talks to become the bachelor before Nick was chosen. So cute, with a real-life job and a big Denver house. Chase would've been a great bachelor because he really had his life together.

Honorable Mention: Ben Higgins (Again)

Ben was already the bachelor one time, got engaged to Lauren Bushnell, but unfortunately, it didn't last. Which for us is great news because it means Ben can be bachelor again someday! Ben's season was by far my favorite and Ben's combination of swag and sweetness was the best recipe for a bachelor. Ben has said before that he probably will never be bachelor again. If you listen to his and Ashley Laconetti's podcast, you know that he has said he has been recently dating someone. But hey, a girl can dream.

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