Remember when we told you what a successful community looks like? Well, an Odyssey community is only successful if its Creators are thriving.

When we think about Creators, we envision individuals who are integral parts of their community; they are active on social media and engaged with what’s happening outside their front doors. Creators are leaders, visionaries, innovators and thought-provokers.

As a part of Odyssey, a Creator is growing their presence online, amassing hundreds of followers on our platform and garnering thousands of pageviews from users across the country. As an Odyssey Creator, you are part of a national movement to change how we capture, create and distribute stories.

A successful Creator isn’t just blasting an article out to their Facebook network; rather, a Creator is producing relevant, engaging content and utilizing platforms like Instagram, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Twitter and Pinterest to diversify the discovery of their unique voice.

Think about an Odyssey Creator; think about yourself. How do you embody these qualities? Now, go create something.