Where is The Road Less Travelled?
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Where is The Road Less Travelled?

The Road Less Traveled, Timeless Edition

Where is The Road Less Travelled?

It doesn't really matter where the road is, all that matters is that this is the road Iliyan Kuzmanov will lead you through!

He is a pioneer, albeit a romantic pioneer. Iliyan will push your boundaries and that of the world on the world stage. He is the catalyst that will make you evaluate what you are being told by mainstream media and government and cause you to take a stand for what you believe in.

As an investigative journalist Iliyan Kuzmanov, author of the bestselling book "If You Meet Buddha Kill Him", has seen the abuse of power, the use of power, human rights, and the absence of human dignity and freedom. An authentic journalist to the core, he is using his writing to influence society for the better. This journalistic skill combined with the skills of an entrepreneur and activist, has propelled Kuzmanov to center stage.

And in the ever-challenging mind of Iliyan Kuzmanov, being center stage is a good thing. As a mega-influencer, he can expose the reality behind the "fake news" of the day and turn people into community citizens that know the truth and know how to get it. Kuzmanov is a community citizen, and his message will resonate within the hearts of other community citizens, and they will know, it is time for a change in the world.

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His social portal Ezo, was named best in London and focusses helping people that have been exposed to domestic violence, start a new life, and help them gain the skills to be employed and earn a living. This social network bridges cultural and societal gaps and reaches all the way to Bulgaria, the birthplace of Kuzmanov, and a community filled by domestic violence, with the goal to instigate change in society.

Kuzmanov is the epitome of a community citizen and is using profits from his book and other ventures for the greater good. Yes, it's true, for the greater good, he is joining forces with Trash Heroes in Thailand to clean the world's oceans and beaches, among other things. Thailand has a special place in Iliyan's heart, he has visited many Buddhist temples there. Buddhism is the path to enlightenment as he realized in his search for freedom, and experienced while listening to the vibrating sounds of nature, the universe and the animals talking to him. This in-depth understanding of Buddhism has taught him that money is not the problem, it is having money on your mind that is the problem. With that understanding he knew he could make money and use it for the greater good and it would not be wrong.

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Iliyan emphasises passion as a motivator above financial gain or ego. Passion for society and passion in business, this is what will effect true change. Art Angel International C.I.C, the brainchild of Kuzmanov, is such a social business. This project uses Arts and Culture to effect social change, and adjust the norm, especially in Bulgaria and other countries where domestic violence is hidden from the eyes of others. Art Angel International C.I.C is making it possible for victims of these situations to rise above what is expected and make their voices heard. Only if society hears, and society listens, can there be a change in social behavioural patterns such as abuse or violence.

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"My mission is to create self-help network in UK and strongly to link it with Bulgaria. Wish one day, to be able to have real powerful impact on the Society, shift it for good!" Iliyan Kuzmanov, Social Entrepreneur.

A true Buddhist, vegan, entrepreneur, and activist, Iliyan Kuzmanov has achieved so much already, can you imagine what his future effect will be on society? We can only watch, learn, and support these hybrid ideas that will lead to a society focussed on the greater good! Which in turn will lead to a world populated by community citizens, with a social conscience, leaving the world a better place after all!

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