When You're Obsessed With Me

I'm small until I'm noticed.

But when you notice me, I feel like the whole world is on my side.

Your strong calloused hands

Protecting me from the world, knowing that I am so easy to break, to destroy.

You love so hard, and I fall so deep.

I hate pulling back, but I do so anyway.

And when I do, I regret it. But what can I say after so many people have abandoned me?

Last thing I want is for you to leave.

Your words, your smiles, your affection

Are something so precious yet at the same time so harmful

Especially when it comes in forms of bucketful doses

My fear of it all going away just overwhelms me; what if I'm never good enough?

When you're obsessed with me, I just want you to hold me forever.

But sometimes you pull away when I try so hard to pull you back.

You need me, and then I push you away.

It feels like a never-ending cycle.

I love you. You love me.

And yet we hurt each other so much.

But I never want you to go

Because this is how I love.

When you're obsessed with me, I get reminded.

That you're not the only one.

When you're obsessed with me, I never want you to stop.

I never want you to hide yourself.

I want you, all of you.

Obsession will be a two-way street.

Between us,


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