When You Support Trump You Support...
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When You Support Trump You Support...

For everyone who wants to justify their support for Donald Trump

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Since the start of the 2017 race to presidential status has begun, this man has made a feature on possibly all major media outlets and most television broadcast stations in the United States . He has grown in popularity across the nation for his ability to incite mass outrage, as well actions of bigotry. Donald Trump is recognizable by his incompetence, ignorance, and his complete lewd and inappropriate behavior.

The United States failed many in its decision to legitimize this man. Not only was he put in a position as powerful as being the possible head of state, but he was given the resources and opportunities to effectively inflict his poisonous mindset onto others. Realistically speaking,there is no surprise if we reflect on the choices this country has made in the past. However, the amount of supporters his ideology has attracted is no less shameful.

Considering there are so many records on file of him saying and doing disrespectful improper things, there is no doubt that his followers advocate for the perpetuation of the racism, homophobia, misogyny, and overall mass oblivion he has established in his campaign. The cherry on top of this awful sundae is the entitlement that surfaces through all his commentary.

In retrospective, all I've taken from his endorsers and "fans" is that they're simply apologists. They condone his racist statements, and they excuse his, what seems to be, deeply rooted hatred for women (among other things). The fact that his mindset is favored across the nation and world alike, is just as scary as his ideals regarding what a "great country" is. Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion, so long as it's educated. When discussing Trump, that never seems to fit the mold.

Leading up to the final presidential election, his remarks seemed to be more derogatory in addition to more careless. Nobody seems to mind his disgusting perspective off women, especially his opponent Hillary Clinton. Nobody seems to mind that his bragging about sexually harassing women was written off as "locker room banter". NOBODY seems to mind him having mocked the 12 women who came forward who accused him of sexual assault, stating the stories were "100 fiction"; but this issue is just the tip of the iceberg with Trump.

We simply can't overlook how we in 2015 this inconsiderate candidate claimed Mexicans are the source of America's drug problem and incredibly high crime rates. More notably he said "...They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people." I don't know about you, but I don't consider the second statement a good rationalization. Although, this rude manner of speech isn't unusual for Donald Trump.

This self-proclaimed politician is well-known and even praised for being "honest" and "outspoken", but that's not the truth behind his morals. He tries to justify all of his hurtful bigoted comments by masking it with what he claims is "political correctness" or "the truth". In his presidential announcement speech from 2015, Trump said "I can never apologize for the truth. I don’t mind apologizing for things. But I can’t apologize for the truth...". The harsh reality of it is that most of what he talks about seems to be more personal opinion than anything else.

When you support Trump you support the downfall of the LGBTQ+ community, ableism, misogyny, sexism, racism... the list goes on. The examples that go alone with those titles are plentiful as well. Supporting Donald Trump is supporting the idea that we should be submissive to corrupt politicians in charge.

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