When You Have A Snow Day On Campus

I remember those days in high school when snow was in the forecast and we all hoped that school would get cancelled. I remember waiting for those highly anticipated phone calls announcing that school would be closed for the day. Those were the calls that would cause a smile to creep up onto my face as I got to bundle up back under the covers and sleep in. Snow days were so much fun in high school, and let me tell you, they are just as fun and appreciated in college if not more.

This past Thursday, we were hit with our first huge snowstorm of the year in the area where I go to college. The forecast showed that we were in for a massive icy blast, so my university gave us the courtesy of informing us the day before the storm that we would in fact not have any classes the next day.

As we all received the alert with this exciting news, smiles and shrieks were shared all around. Even though we aren't that far along into our spring semester yet, a snow day was just what everyone wanted and needed. It was a great opportunity for people to catch up on their sleep, their assignments, and to simply enjoy the day.

Snow days for residents on campus are so much fun. I really love to walk around campus and get a perspective of it surrounded by the snow. I think my campus happens to be very beautiful in general, but seeing all of the trees, buildings, statues, benches, etc. coated in the snow is really a sight to see. I went out towards the evening with my friend to take some pictures of how incredible things looked and I plan on taking some more pictures before the snow melts.

The snow day was also the perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep. I slept for so many hours that afternoon; it was so great to just peacefully sleep for as long as I wanted knowing I didn't have any classes that I had to get up for.

The snow day was also wonderful because I was able to hang out with one of my close friends and her roommate and spend some quality, fun time together. We ordered some food that was delivered to us and stayed in playing monopoly and drinking hot cups of tea and honey while listening to music and talking. It was so great, and I can add it to my list of fun times and memories that I've made at college so far.

If you can also enjoy the benefits of snow days and snowy weather on campus, I highly recommend it. There is so much to do, whether you are catching up on and/or getting ahead on assignments, catching up on some much needed rest, hanging out with friends, reading a good book, or just relaxing it will be a nice way to relieve some stress and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding you on campus.

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