When You Give A Girl Two Brothers
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When You Give A Girl Two Brothers

My first and forever best friends.

When You Give A Girl Two Brothers
Tori Buddenhagen

When you give a girl two brothers she'll always have protectors.

Every since I was born my oldest brother was protecting me (well after he got over the fact that I was here to stay). He was/is (secretly) always looking out for me and I couldn't have made it to where I am today without him. Ever since I turned 14, my youngest brother was on guard, as well. They did and still do have my best interest at heart and for that, I am forever grateful. If you give a girl two brothers, she will always have protection!

When you give a girl two brothers she'll learn to be tough (at an extremely young age).

This is inevitable. Seriously, when you give a girl two brothers, it's a sink or swim kinda thing (thankfully I swam). She'll have to learn to hold her own and she'll have to learn to suck it up. She'll have to prove she can role with the big boys if she wants to play Playstation or baseball (but don't worry because she'll still get picked last and they will tell her she can play Playstation after they are done with 'this game' and she'll wait for 3 hours just to have them walk away when it's her turn, thanks, boys). When you give a girl two brothers, she'll learn early in life that sometimes you just have to rub some dirt on the wound and keep going.

When you give a girl two brothers she'll always have best friends.

This is my favorite part, by far! My parents always told us that one day we would be best friends and for the longest time I would roll my eyes and walk away but wow how right they are (like always). My brothers are a few of my favorite people on this entire earth and I am so so thankful that I have them by my side through everything life throws at me. When you give a girl two brothers, she will have (at least) two lifelong best friends that have been there through it all.

When you give a girl two brothers, she will always have an anchor.

There is nothing like growing up with two boys who have helped you become the person that you are today. There are few stronger bonds than that of a brother and sister! How wonderful it was and is to have been blessed with two people who have been there through it all and who will never leave. When you give a girl two brothers, it doesn't matter where she goes, she will always have an anchor, she will always have a home.

When you give a girl two brothers she will have such a wonderful life.

Thank you, R & N for the protection, life lessons, and love that you have never failed to provide me with. I am forever so thankful for you both. I love you bros.

"The greatest gift our parents gave us was each other."

Love Always,

Your Sister and your biggest fan

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