College is fun, but at times it can be difficult. Suddenly you're living on your own and you have to learn how to do things without your mom's help. Well, I shouldn't say completely on your own, because there are those times when you have to call your mom and ask her how to do normal everyday things. Here are 10 times you have probably called your mom while in college.

1. "Do I wash my darks in cold or warm water?"

Chances are you haven't mastered the art of laundry yet.

2. "Can I put this in a microwave?"

Does anyone honestly know what they can/ cannot put in a microwave?

3. "Can you transfer money into my account?"

Because in college, online shopping and Uber Eats is very important (and expensive).

4. "What's the Netflix password again?"

In those rare cases that you get locked out of your Netflix account.

5. "Should I go to the doctor?"

When you're coughing and sneezing, you need professional advice from your mom whether or not you should take a trip to the health center.

6. "How do I remove the stain from my shirt?"

If you just happen to get jungle juice on your favorite white shirt, you're going to need help from mom.

7. "What's my social security number"

You will surprisingly need this number for a lot of things. But honestly, does anyone have their social security number memorized?

8. "Just wanted to say hi!'

Being away from your mom can be hard. For all those times that we don't know how to live on our own, moms are always there to tell us what to do.