When I think about life, I don't think about going from point a to b to c to d. I think about getting to a, then d, then falling back to b, and so on. So many think that their lives have to be set in stone and always go according to plan. This just isn't accurate, like at all.

As a 10 year old video game nerd, I could have never imagined the life I would be living at 16 years old. As a 16 year old , there was no way in hell I could have ever imagined my life the way it is now. I used to be a goody two-shoes who had it all figured out, or so I thought. First, I would graduate high school (with straight A's of course). Next, I would be off to the perfect university to follow my dreams and live a typical college student lifestyle. On a side note, I still do get to live the majority of the typical college student lifestyle, For instance, ramen noodles and hot sauce are my idea of fine dining and I consistently found myself wondering whether it is all worth it. Anyway, I did graduate with flying colors. And yes, I did go to college, but somewhere in between it all I just so happened to have a beautiful set of twin baby girls. I honestly did not see myself having twins for a very long time. However, life happens and now I could not imagine my life without my precious little love bugs. I have realized that I am on the right path, because it is my path. There were several points in my life where I did not understand why certain things were taking place. Looking back now though I have come to understand that if those things would not have happened I would not be where I am today. I love my little family, and I appreciate all the good, bad, and bumpy roads I have had to travel to get where I am now.

The point I think I am trying to make here is that things do not always work out the way we planned. Life throws us curve-balls, and sometimes we even have a random crowbar flung at us, causing a mild concussion. We do not always get what we want, and that is okay. We lose, we win, we struggle, and we strive. In the end, though, it will all be worth it because it just has to be. We were meant to be here. We were meant to leave our mark on this earth in one way or another. Just remember that when it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, or when you have taken a life detour, that it really is meant to happen. We were meant to do great things. Just keep going, because the best is yet to come.