Sometimes everything is going great, and you’re rocking it at school, your job... whatever. And then a simple situation reminds you that you’re still really awkward at heart. So here’s a list of situations many of us find ourselves in, that quickly get weird if small talk doesn’t work out.

1. First day at work.

There's probably an established hierarchy and dynamic that you're stepping into, so it's weird if you don't play it cool.

2. Getting hair cut.

So much time with just you and a stylist. So much time to be filled with small talk. So much eye contact.

3. Standing in line at the post office with chatty people.

Maybe it's just our society, but there's a social norm that everyone tends to follow when standing in line. You don't burst others' personal bubbles by chatting about how long the line is and why you're mailing a card to your niece's friend's mom. You just don't.

4. Arriving at friends' houses.

Maybe you got lucky and you're friend opened the door right away and everything was fine. Or maybe you stood there for awhile, worried that nobody was home, debating if you should let yourself in, or if you should wait for their parent to answer the door - which is a whole new awkward situation in itself.

5. Hanging out for awhile and realizing you still don’t know their name.

*Two days later and still avoiding having to call them by name because now it’s weird that you don’t know their name yet* Happens often with group projects in class or people that go to the same class at the gym.

6. Carpooling with people you don’t know very well.

Just turn that music up all the way and avoid the small talk.

7. Birthday parties for people you don’t know very well.

So much mingling with people who you've only seen on Facebook.

8. Really, anything with people you don’t know all that well.

“It’s not awkward unless you make it.” False. Some things are just weird. So when you encounter one of these situations, just play it cool - it happens to everyone now and then.