Update From Withdrawing
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Update From Withdrawing

I am breathing more since leaving Huntington

Update From Withdrawing
Julien Laurent

We're all on this journey of life. We all have taken our own paths, made our own choices, and are headed our own directions. No one's story is the same. We might all end up at the same place, one day, but we're all getting there different ways.

Sometimes it's easy. Other times? Haha, we wish. Sometimes it feels like we're fighting a daily battle. Sometimes, that can be a battle to convince yourself you're worth enough to get out of bed and live. I know I've been in that place, rather recently.

Those times are hard. For me it feels like there is no point. No point in the stress, the anger, the.. anything. Those days, those periods of time, are the worst. Living life practically against your will because you don't see the reason behind living.

It sucks. I can't say it any other way honestly. It really sucks to live day to day not wanting to live. Hating yourself. Hating your mental state, but also feeling completely helpless to change anything.

I'm doing better than I was a couple months ago. Man, my mental state from where I was in August to where I am is an immense difference - but I'm still not good. It takes longer than two months to heal.

Part of my healing has come from not-so-great situations. Honestly, they were situations that could have been avoided by making other choices; but overall it's better for me they happened. Because these events happened, I have been given another chance. I have been shown something, by myself, about changes that need to be made in my life. Sure, at the time the events were horrible, they hurt; but I am becoming better because of them.

Life flashes before your eyes when you need to be reminded of who you are, and where you're trying to go. So often we get lost on our journeys. Sometimes life needs to smack us in the face. Sure, its unpleasant, it hurts, it can even strike fear into us for a while. That's what these moments are meant to do. It's how you react to them that truly matter.

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