When It Just Doesn't Feel like the Holidays

When It Just Doesn't Feel like the Holidays

When your normal holiday traditions just don't seem to do the trick


There are some years where despite seeing Santa hats everywhere you go, listening to Hanukkah/Christmas music, or hearing about everyone's plans for the holiday season; the fact that the holidays are upon us and we're at the end of the year already doesn't really seem to register. Whether this is because you might be away for the holidays from your loved ones, or just really don't seem to feel the magical sense of the holidays as strongly this year, doesn't mean there aren't ways to turn that feeling around.

1. Get in touch with those you care about!

Maybe you're spending your first semester away from home, or your family or close friends are not near you, and it's got you feeling a bit out of place. If those you normally celebrate with aren't with you this year, why not try to get in touch with them by scheduling a Skype reunion or talking on the phone? Just because your loved ones might not be there with you in person, doesn't mean that you can't still celebrate the season and holidays with them in some way.

2. Maybe shake up your holiday routine this year!

If you're not going out with family or your normal group this year for whatever reason, try starting a new tradition. If you're in a new area for school and you couldn't make it back home in time, try checking out local areas to find out something new about the neighborhood you're now in.

3. Help out others!

If you're not feeling very jolly this season, maybe try spreading some cheer for someone else. According to DoSomething.org, almost 90 percent of soup kitchens rely on volunteers. Grab a friend or two if you don't already have plans and find out what local kitchens could use your help. Maybe you're not feeling very happy this season since it might not be going exactly how you had hoped it would, but this can be a great way to do something generous this season.

4. Host a staycation!

If the weather is making it hard to travel to different holidays events, and you're getting cabin fever; why not make the most of it? Load up on your favorite holiday movies, bundle up in your comfiest clothes and bake your favorite treats while you enjoy the end of the year. Chances are you might just be getting time off from work or classes (or both) and could use a well-needed break.

Whether you have the same plans for the holidays this year or have absolutely no idea what you're going to do to ring out the end of the year, find some way to enjoy your holidays or time off in a way that makes you feel happy. After all, why not try to end the year off on a good note?

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