When Home Is A Mess
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When Home Is A Mess

You should find a healthy and personal refuge to keep yourself in tact before it ends up consuming and ruining you

When Home Is A Mess

Life at home isn’t always the most easy, not everything is the American Dream that most children live. It doesn’t matter what the struggle is, as a child, you’re much more susceptible to be affected and internally conflicted Parents do work hard, in most scenarios, and when things get too stressing for them it can also have an impact on how out of hand they get or possibly just how angry they are in that specific moment. It isn’t expected for parents to have everything down, to be able to get it right on their first try. With the economy, poverty and financial decline are common factors to an adults stressful life. When parents at home begin fighting or yelling much more, as a child you need to find a way to healthily express your displeasure in a respectful manner without risking hurting your physical or mental state. Stress in the household, your supposed ‘sanctuary’, can be very detrimental to your own health. It can give depression, alter your personality and quite possibly even strain your relations with other people. There are many ways to fix this, here’s a list of four.

1. Find a quiet place to just relax and calm down

There is absolutely nothing you can do, as a child, to alleviate the situation. Being as young as you are, you’ll find that adults tend to disbelieve everything you say even if you have factual evidence to prove why you’re right. It does not matter what the situation is, all that matters is that you just leave the situation before you make it worse. Some people react with anger, wanting to fight back, but honestly where will that get you? Just nod and say ‘okay’ until you can leave, then do just that. Others react through crying, the more delicate of people. It’s best not to cry in front of angered adults, that probably won’t make anything better either. Anyways, when you leave the situation you should just relax and breathe, count to ten if you have to.

2. Listen to music or read an enthralling novel

Distracting your mind is healthy and very necessary to be able to get off the thought or topic of it. Getting ensnared by the pages of a book or the lyrical melodies of a song can help ease away any stress or tensions. It’s actually been proven that music can alleviate and ameliorate.

3. Sleep

Yes, as simple as that. Not every so often, sleeping too much can actually lead to depression. It makes you think that really the only high point of your life, the only time that you can actually escape is if you do so through your dreams. This can slow your awareness and lessen your reaction rate. It wouldn’t be wise, but maybe if you set a bedtime for yourself- don’t look forward to it and all. You can’t escape everything through a daydream or even just a natural dream.

4. Immerse yourself into something educational

Finding an escape in studies or school can really help to not only distract but also enhance your mind. Learn a new language, busy yourself so that you don’t have to handle the stress that’s been brewing in your house. This is a healthy escape and it can also get you far in life, it can get you to colleges and a smarter and brighter lifetime.

It’s not so much that your parents don’t like you, in most situations, as it is that they are stressed and looking for an outlet or just sometimes accidentally going the wrong way about things. There is really no such thing as a perfect family, because everyone is adapted to different variations of a family, and it can alter for every individual. When you grow up in poverty that’s all you know, but that doesn’t mean that stress can’t occur, it’s just that they’re more better adapted to it. Stress in the home life should be expected every once in awhile, so you shouldn’t react badly, instead you should go and learn healthy ways to better yourselves from that and relax the tensions in yourself. It isn’t your job to make everything okay again, if your parents are gonna divorce then they’re probably better off that way, so just focus onto yourself and make certain that you can take care of everything else before you go and face anyone. Also, don’t do anything like take out your frustrations on other people, that will do absolutely nothing to help you.

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