Whether you've been together for a couple of months or a couple of years, when you're dating your best friend, you just know things. Maybe it is because you two were friends before or maybe falling in love made you realize how much of a best friend they are to you, but here are 10 things you'll know way too well if you're dating your best friend!

1. You know each other's food order at basically any restaurant

You know it's real when you know their Chipotle order, am I right?

2. You can tell how they're feeling just by a look they give you or the tone of their voice

They can be talking on the phone with their mom or talking about their day and you can tell exactly what their feeling just by words they use or facial expressions.

3. You can trust them to pick out your clothes or bring you something for your room

You can say "The red shirt that I wore to that thing with your friend," and they will know exactly what you're talking about!

4. You parents will ask about your partner more than you

Um hello? I'm your actual child, remember?

5. Your friends are confused if they see you out in public without your partner

"Where's (insert partner's name here)?" ... "Hi, hello, yes nice to see you, too."

6. You can finish each others stories

You two are so close and you know each other so well that if they're telling the story about how they broke their arm in the 5th grade, you can finish the entire story yourself-basically word for word.

7. You know their work/school schedule better than your own

8. You can have fun literally anywhere you go

You could go to Disney World or the grocery store and still have just as much fun.

9. You are excited to see them whether you've been apart 3 hours or 3 weeks

10. Everyone says you two are #RelationshipGoals