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What's On My Feed

Revive your social media.

What's On My Feed
Jason Howie

Social Media. The final frontier.

We all have accounts. Don't be ashamed. The reason why we are addicted or so influenced by social media, is because we grew up along with it. Outlets such as Facebook and Twitter are still relevant to us because they were created and launched while we were growing up. I use my social media to connect with greater ideas.

Now, there are those days where we complain because our news feed or social media feed is boring, or dead. Well, here is a list of some of the accounts I happen to follow, that will always keep your feed livelier than ever! These accounts are full of inspiration and cool people! Hit that follow button, and never be bored again!

**Disclaimer: No one hired or is promoting me to do this. I just like these people or accounts**


Jay Versace (@ThaRealVersace)

I like to think Jay Versace as a modern day Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. His love for the 90s kind of cements that. But this dude is crazy funny and uncensored. He started off on Vine, and is now a successful entertainer. He just keeps it real and raw, which makes him hysterical.

CNN Breaking News (@CNNBRK)

If you're not following any breaking news accounts, what are you doing? I personally like CNN because of their immediacy. But CNN Breaking News is always updating with new stories or developments. This account will always keep your Twitter feed new and current.


Jessica Torres (@ThisIsJessicaTorres)

One word for this girl: SLAY! This fashion blogger is super revolutionary. Why? Because she helps disprove the myth that plus size people can't live the same way as everyone else. This Hispanic force of nature posts outfits and style tips that are bound to catch your attention and boost your confidence. I am always inspired when I see another flawless post. Work!

Hot Dudes Reading (@HotDudesReading)

I mean, look at the name! This account helps reestablish faith in mankind. This account became so popular, that the account has a book! If you want to drool over a studious man on the train, follow. You won't be sorry!

Get Lit (@GetLitPoet)

You need to follow this account! Not only on Instagram, but also on Twitter and Youtube! This organization rallies up the voices of this generation and the next, and gives them a platform to speak and perform on issues that are relevant and important in our society. The LA based organization celebrates poetry all while eliminating the low literacy rates!


Jessica Whitaker

Its almost impossible to find such a cute human being like her! This Seattle-based blogger is the jack of all trades! Jessica not only posts videos about her style or life, but because she is an aspiring photographer, she also posts videos on photography tips, such as editing skills and how to work with models. And to top it all off, she is also a Christian and offers lifestyle tips for not only Christians but to teens everywhere!

Virtuess Blog

Sandy Gomes stays slaying on Youtube! Similar to Jessica, she too is Christian and still offers amazing style and beauty tips and tutorials! However, she has a little bonus! Because she is Cape Verdean, a lot of her beauty tutorials are geared for dark skin women... AKA she too is spreading that #BlackGirlMagic. She is actually a good friend of my older sister. It's cool knowing a Youtuber.


Teen Vogue (@TeenVogue)

I die every time I watch their Snap story! I mean, you watch backstage coverage of New York Fashion Week and the MET Gala! Um, yes! Their Snap stories are always fun and glam!! Plus you see good looking celebrities on it every now and then! And you can drool over the designer shoes and models too. No shame!

DanceOnNetwork (@DanceOnNetwork)

Just cool people dancing! I'm being serious! This account will always bring a smile on your face. Not only do you see videos of dancers, you also are taken behind the scenes and see what exactly happens to create those cool dance videos you see! You're also exposed to good music and the always influential dance culture. Win win!

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