Being a big sister

What Being a Big Sister Means to Me

Despite being extremely frustrating a lot of the time, being the older sister means a lot to me.


My brothers are younger than me by kind of a lot; Jeremy John is 12, soon to be 13, and Dalton is 11. I was 6 when Jeremy was born and 8 when Dalton was born.

My family makes an effort to do things together, so I have spent a lot of time with my brothers in the past, but it feels like this summer we've spent more quality time together than ever before. We do things together in a way that didn't happen in the past despite having important things in common. We all played soccer, but we never really did that together. Now, however, we've found things we all enjoy to do together.

My siblings and I have a different relationship because of our age difference. They're almost always at each other's throats for some reason or another and sometimes they can be downright mean to each other, but they listen to what I say (most of the time) and openly show the affection they have for me.

Because my brothers love me so much, being a big sister means that I have the responsibility of showing them that I love them just as much.

I realized this each time I returned home from college for one reason or another throughout my first year. Each time I returned home I got to see how much they missed me and how much they wanted to spend time with me. Over winter break we started watching the TV show 'Stranger Things' together at my suggestion because during the fall semester I wanted to figure out some way to spend time with them when I returned home. Also, my brothers are about the same age as the characters, so I figured they'd be able to really appreciate the show, which they did.

Their commentary while we do things together really helps me to appreciate who they are as people instead of just my younger brothers. I think they're hilarious and a little ridiculous at times and they remind me a lot of myself as well as both of my parents.

The older they get the more they become my friends instead of just my brothers. This summer I've really enjoyed the time I've spent with them. For that I really have my significant other to thank for that; Robert taught us all to play the Pokemon card game, and so I've gotten to spend a lot of time doing something with my brothers, which hasn't really happened in the past. Now we actually hang out and do things together, all thanks to Pokemon. I even play the video game now, which I never did before. My brothers really like Robert and we all do things together sometimes, and that makes my heart really full. I'm very appreciative of Robert's role in helping my brothers and I figure out a new dynamic upon my return from college for the summer.

Of course, we have our sibling squabbles, but this summer has really helped me to realize that my brothers are going to be the people who are going to be by my side for my entire life, and I'm really lucky for that.

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Olivia McKnight

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An Open Letter To My Favorite High School Senior

You may not know it now, but you're gonna miss this.

Dear high school senior,

I literally can't believe time has flown by so fast. It seems like yesterday your backpack was twice your size and your only worry was what game you were going to play during recess. I am so proud of the person that you are becoming and can't wait to see what the next few years have in store for you. This is likely going to be the best/scariest year of your life all in one. The transition from high school to college is a big deal. The atmosphere of senior year is something that is so special. There is nothing like Friday night football, a bonfire with your closest friends, and messing with your favorite sophomores just because you can. From state champions in football to class favorite and getting the chance to go to your dream college- you have accomplished so much already, and I can't wait to see you accomplish even more as you go to college. But high school isn't over yet, so have fun while it lasts!

Don't rush it, enjoy it.

I know what you're thinking at this point, "I'm basically done with high school. Why won't graduation just hurry up and get here?" Please do not rush it. Enjoy the last days of your high school career because you will never get to go back. Enjoy laughing with your friends at lunch, take it all in as you walk down those halls to your locker, let your mom and dad take as many pictures as they want- you will appreciate them one day.

Be nice to mom and dad.

I know that you're so excited to get out of the house and experience college, but don't forget who helped you get this far in life. Mom and dad will miss you more than you miss them when you're gone, so let them enjoy their time with you while you are still home. Believe it or not, you are going to miss mom's sloppy joes and french dip sandwiches more than you think. Mom already cries every time we break out the baby pictures, so don't make too many jokes about how you can't wait to leave home and have the time of your life. Dad tries to hold it together, but it is hard for any parent to be prepared for their kid to leave them. I promise you will miss them while you're at college, even if you don't think you will.

Don't forget about me while you're having fun in college.

College is going to be fun. You are not going to have very much time to sit around and miss everyone. But don't forget about me completely! I am so excited for you to start doing things on your own and start preparing for the world. I hope you have fun, but I also hope you don't forget that I'm fun too and I am only a phone call away.

You're going to make new friends and part ways with old ones. You have a chance to be whoever you want to be in college, so embrace it! You will learn so much from college, and it will be the most fun/fast years of your life. But don't forget that your high school career isn't over yet. Enjoy the last few times to walk the halls, eat that fantastic high school lunch, and 5th period study halls playing ping pong because you will never get that back. I hope you make the best of it al, and I can't wait to see where the next four years take you!

Cover Image Credit: Daylen Bills

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9 Things You Hear Growing Up As An Only Child

No, I don't get lonely.


Having no siblings definitely has its ups and downs, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Most people jump to the conclusion that you're spoiled or were an accident since your parents didn't have other kids, but being an only child is actually amazing. While my parents didn't give me every single thing I wanted, they taught me lots and I did earn everything I got.

1. Don't you get lonely?

Well, no, I do have friends. It also helped growing up when technology wasn't quite exactly where it is today. Everyone would play outside or with each other as opposed to behind a screen, and it kept everyone more connected. It also taught me that it's okay to spend time alone and it can actually be refreshing.

2. Do you wish you had siblings?

Occasionally growing up, the thought crossed my mind, but I never dreaded not having siblings.

3. Do you get everything you want?

Haha! Not even close!

4. You must be spoiled

With love, definitely. I might have gotten more than if I were to have a sister or brother, but my parents definitely taught me how to work for what I want.

5. Why didn't your parents want more kids?

When you do it right the first time, why would you need to have more? It just isn't what my parents wanted, but it worked out just fine.

6. Are your parents stricter since there are no other children to focus on?

I wouldn't say that fact alone makes a parent more or less strict. Yes, there were more eyes and focus on me, but my parents still allowed me to do things with friends and have freedoms.

7. What's it like being an only child?

I wouldn't consider it anything special. It was just how I grew up and I think I had a pretty good childhood.

8. You must not like to share

You're right, I don't. Who does? But it doesn't mean I can't or don't know how to.

9. Are you close with your parents?

Absolutely, and I love it!

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