8 Perks Of Being The Big Sister
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8 Perks Of Being The Big Sister

I love you guys.

8 Perks Of Being The Big Sister

I am the middle child of five girls, and let me tell you, things can get super crazy in our household. My two younger sisters and I are the final three still living at home, and while sometimes it can be super outrageously annoying, the perks are seriously what makes everything so great; being a big sister is one of my most treasured accomplishments that I will never let go of.

1. They Will Never Stop Looking Up To You.

My youngest sister is a sophomore in high school, and whether it is how her earrings look with her shirt, or how her butt looks in a pair of pants, she comes to me for absolutely everything, and it never gets annoying. I feel so honored to be admired, even when I feel like I haven't been the best example.

2. Sharing Clothes Rocks.

Just in the past few years, we have all started wearing "around" the same sizes in clothes. Even though we drive each other crazy stealing sometimes, it is always nice to have such a selection.

3. You always have a cuddle buddy, and it's never weird.

I can't tell you how many times a day we sit closer on our huge wrap around couch just to cuddle. Love is comfy.

4. Judgement free zone, always.

Eat as much as you want, wear what you want, say what you want, it doesn't matter, they won't judge you, they'll join you.

5. If someone messes with them, they mess with you.

One time this lady tried to call the police on me because I told her to leave my sister alone, and I would do it again. If you have sisters you understand, especially younger ones. Plus don't be a jerk, mind ya own business

6. You already went through it, so you can help them through it.

first heartbreak, high school, mean girls, hard classes, wardrobe malfunctions, all of it...you've already been there, you can help them...everything happens for a reason, right?

7. They are younger, prettier versions of you

I don't know about you but my sisters make me so proud, I love dressing them up, and watching them shine.

8. Lifelong best friends.

This goes for all of my sisters. There is always someone to count on, when you feel like you have no one at all.


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