Things Only The Oldest Sibling In The Family Can Nod Their Head To

15 Things Only The Oldest Sibling In The Family Can Nod Their Head To

There's something special about being the oldest child.


As the oldest of four children, I have definitely found that there are both rewards and challenges that come with being the first-born. Being the oldest can be both exciting but also stressful at times. You get to watch your younger siblings grow up and provide them with guidance along the way. You're raised to be the role model for your younger siblings and are expected to live up to a high standard for them to follow.

To all the oldest siblings, here are 15 things we can all nod our heads to.

1. You play the third parent part and are called “bossy”.


You're the third oldest in the household so of course, you feel the need to take charge and tell your siblings what to do when the time is right. It's inevitable and we're all guilty of it at some point.

2. You get priority over things because you were born first.

First born = authority

3. You’re overprotective and feel responsible for your siblings.

It's your job to protect your siblings in their time of need. If something happens to them, you feel guilty for not being able to do anything to help them.

4. You’re the voice of reason when your siblings don’t want to go to your parents.

You've had to navigate things on your own and have had more experience than they have. You're the role model your siblings look up to.

5. Your parents set higher expectations for you.

As the first born, your parents expect you to set a good example for your siblings.

6. You’re probably closer with your parents than your younger siblings are.

You're at the stage now where you're starting to see things from your parents' perspective and understand why they do what they do. Your siblings don't see this yet and you're expected to act as the mediator.

7. You’re the guinea pig for trying new things.

Being the first-born means you're the first to go through every milestone. You're probably not even nervous anymore, even though all of your siblings are paying attention to how you handle new experiences.

8. Your parents were wayyyy stricter with you than with your younger siblings.

You had an extremely early bedtime compared to your siblings now. Your curfew was much earlier than theirs is currently. You weren't allowed to watch certain TV shows or movies because they were Rated-R, which was especially annoying when your friends could.

9. Your closet is always open, without your consent.

This is definitely one of the worst parts about being the oldest. Every time you look in your closet, another piece of clothing is missing or is crumpled in a ball on the floor, which you know for a fact wasn't your doing. As the oldest, "sharing" your things becomes second nature and you learn to just let it go.

10. You’ll always be the chauffeur/designated driver and you can’t get away from it.

Just because you got your license first, shouldn't mean that you have to drive your siblings everywhere, but let's face it, you're expected to.

11. You’re the first to leave the house and your siblings will miss you dearly.

It's funny that you don't actually realize how much your siblings like hanging out with you until you go away to college and then your phone blows up with texts from them saying they miss you.

12. You love your siblings more than anything and will do anything for them because you know they will do the same for you.

You have a deep appreciation for your siblings and realize that not everyone is as close with their siblings as you are.

13. You’d rather hang out with your siblings than your friends.

It's true! Sometimes you'd just rather get comfy and watch a movie with your siblings than go out on a Friday night until 2 a.m.

14. You’re expected to pay for your own things while your parents still pay for your siblings.

Once you get to a certain age, you're probably earning some type of income and at this point, your parents stop paying for materialistic things for you while your siblings are getting things for free.

15. You are their biggest cheerleader.

You love watching them succeed.

Being the oldest sibling is something that I've learned to love and wouldn't trade for the world. The #1 thing I've learned is that you can't screw up, because your siblings are always watching.

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15 Reasons Your Grandpa Might Be The Greatest Person In Your Life

He loves you so much.

Grandpa. The goofy old guy who has been with you since you were born.

Maybe he lives close or maybe he lives far. Maybe he's quiet and reserved or maybe he's a complete goofball. Maybe you see him all the time or maybe he's up there watching over you. No matter the circumstance, it is important to realize that he's probably one of the best people in your life.

1. He's hilarious

Nobody can make you laugh harder than grandpa. Whether it's a hot take on a sports game or a great story, he's always there to make you crack up.

2. He's smart (and knows more than you've ever known in your lifetime)

You think you know a lot... And then you talk to grandpa. I'm telling you, this man knows everything you know times a million.

3. He raised your mom or your dad well

You may have some pretty incredible parents... Well, guess who raised them? Your grandpa is half of the reason your parent is as amazing as they are... That deserves a lot of credit and appreciation.

4. He lets you eat the good stuff

As a kid and now. As a kid, you'd get all the candy or snacks you wanted and we just kept it between us. Even now, half a quart of ice cream for each of us is a quality snack at grandpa's house.

5. He has shown you what true, beautiful love is

Whether your grandma and his partner in crime is still here or is watching over you, the love they've had for longer than your parents have even been alive is an inspiration. Since you were a child, you've had some pretty amazing role models to look up to.

6. He has however many grandkids and still keeps up with you

Whether you're the only grandkid or 1 of 30, somehow he always stays up to date about what's going on in your life.

7. He's genuinely interested in your life

You never have to feel like you're talking grandpa's ear off about your new job, your school or your relationship. He's all ears because he truly cares about you.

8. And swears to hunt down any person who hurts you

If you haven't got the "I'll kill anyone who hurts you" spiel from your grandpa, I think he's grandpa-ing wrong. You can cross me. You probably can't cross dad, but if you happen to slip through the cracks, you will not cross grandpa.

9. He's been there for all of your milestones

Whether it was your elementary talent show or your high school graduation, he's been there to watch you.

10. His job is just to love you

Grandparents' job as a whole is to love and spoil their grandkids. It makes sense why it is considered the best job in the world... And your grandpa is probably really good at it.

11. And he might be your biggest fan

No one cheers louder or high fives you harder than your grandpa, no matter if you're playing a sport or playing the piano. He is your number one fan and it is important everyone knows it.

12. He's known you your whole life

He's watched you go from a tiny baby to the incredible person you are now. And hopefully, he knows that a lot of who you are now is because of him.

13. He'd do anything for you

Name it and he'll do it. That's what people who love you like a grandpa loves their grandkid do.

14. He always has a smile for you

Sometimes your parents get mad at you and they're not happy to see you. No one is 100 percent excited to see you every time they see you... Except grandpa.

15. He loves you so incredibly much

The biggest and best reason he is so amazing is that he loves you. Unconditionally, always. You don't get a lot of those people in your life, so it is important to cherish them and love them back as strong as you can.

Cover Image Credit: Sara Petty

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To The Sister About To Move Away, Girl, You've Got This

You may not physically be here right now, but you're always with our family.


You were there on the day I was born, somehow sleeping soundly as our mom gave birth to me. I'll never forget the photograph of her presenting me to the world and you sitting beside her, holding up your newly-purchased beanie baby with pride as if being handed this toy was equal to the miracle of birth.

It was a crab, by the way, which somehow makes it funnier.

Growing up, you loved to trick me. You'd make me do chores for you and steal my favorite Barbies, but I think that's just part of being an older sister. I'd stick my tongue out at you and cry out the same phrase, "Mooooom, Sissy is being mean to me!" In fact, I yelled this phrase so often that it began to take on a musical quality.

You were mean at times, but you always had my back. You physically beat up other children that had wronged me, and you let me crawl into your bed so we could watch TV together and exchange stories. We'd often immerse ourselves in fantasy worlds where we were princesses and we rode unicorns side-by-side.

But we grew up, and our fantasy world evaporated like the muddy puddles we'd play in after stormy nights. One second it was there, and then, it was just gone. I remember having a conversation a few years back where we wondered if we had known the last time we played Barbies would, in fact, be our last.

When I was a seventh grader, you were a junior in high school. Our problems were very different back then, but that didn't stop us from talking endlessly about them. We were so similar. We bonded over cheerleading, cute boys, books and music. But even more than that, we bonded over our similar life views and questions about the universe. We both possessed an innate love for life yet we were both distrustful of society's guidelines.

Watching you enter new life phases enthralled me. I thought, Wow, that will be me someday. I danced around the house in each of your four prom dresses, my imagination taking me to a place much grander than a high school gymnasium. Through your stories, I romanticized the future and hoped that I would be as cool as you.

It was a little tough at times, though, always longing for a different part of life. When I entered junior high, all I wanted was to be in high school. When I entered high school, I decided college was much cooler because that's what you said. And you were certainly right about that one.

You were the only one I felt comfortable sharing my writing with, the only one I knew could read the meaning behind my sideways glances. We just got each other in every way.

And we still do. To this day, you are one of the people I love and trust most. I don't know what I am going to do without you by my side, as you've been right there for 20 years. But I'm so proud of you. Of the many things we would lay around and talk about throughout the years, one topic persisted: moving away. Moving used to be a pipe dream, something beautiful that lived in your mind but would never come to pass.

And then you took a chance. And now that dream is a reality.

I want you to know how much I admire you. You are so incredible and resilient. I've never met anyone so strong-minded and willing to fight for what she believes in. You would never compromise yourself or your values for another person, but you are generous with others and so kind-hearted.

You are curious about the world and have a desire to learn about life and the richness it has to offer. That is a special quality that cannot be learned. You are beautiful in every way and are truly a blessing to have as a sister.

And it is from these very qualities and so many others that I know you will do great on your own. Sure, it's super tough at first; nobody said it would be easy. But if anyone can do it, then that person is certainly you.

I will always cherish our moments together, and you can always count on me to be there on the sidelines cheering you on, no matter where your adventure takes you.

Much love,

Your Little Sis

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