What Your Favorite Disney Princess Says About You
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What Your Favorite Disney Princess Says About You

If the *glass slipper* fits

What Your Favorite Disney Princess Says About You

If you have clicked on this article, then I'm assuming you love everything Disney and have girl crushes on a quite a few Disney princesses. Although all of these leading ladies are awesome in their own way, everyone has their favorites.

So here's what your favorite Disney princess says about you:


Okay so technically Mulan isn’t a princess but how could I not include her on this list? If Mulan is your favorite, then you are most likely an independent woman who is willing to push your limits, especially when people doubt you. You aren’t afraid of failure and you take failures as lessons. You are one bad a** chick and a force to be reckoned with.


You have a severe case of wanderlust. You want to explore the world and plan to travel all across the world. You aren’t one to be found lying around in the house often and don’t feel content unless you are out there doing something, having a little adventure.


You are headstrong, a hard-worker and very career driven. You have high goals and I dare anyone to try to stop you from reaching them.


You are stylish, sassy, and just plain fabulous. You also probably get over 100 likes on your Instagram photos, so props to you.


You are playful, innocent, and just want to have fun! You can be a little naive at times, but it’s only because you are so optimistic!


You love nature, you are spiritual, and you are always looking for a change. You also have a need to discover, whether it’s the world around you or within yourself.

Snow White

You are one classy lady! You are a very caring and trusting person, who always finds the best in people. People can count on you to be there for them and to take care of them when needed. Your Snapchat stories also always consist of your pet.


You are a book worm and excel at anything school related. You are also a total sweetheart, but that doesn't mean you are one to have people walk all over you.


You sleep… a lot. And it’s best when you stay away from sharp objects.


You are courageous, feisty, and a little bit of a rebel. If someone orders you to do something, you are most likely to do the opposite out of spite. You come off a little strong, but on the inside you have a soft heart.


You work a lot and go above and beyond for others, but are never one to complain about any of it. You are always found smiling,and you a genuinely nice person. You may have a problem with running late, but it’s mainly because you are focused on the present and living in the moment.


You are loyal, quirky, and a little awkward (in the best way possible). You are one of those girls that anyone can relate to and you have no problem making friends.


You are a strong woman who has a wall up and may come across as cold at times (no pun intended--okay, maybe a little intended). But it’s only because you don’t want to burden anyone else with your troubles and you try to handle your problems on your own. You also can be a little stubborn at times, but that doesn't mean that you don't have it in you to let things go...

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