What Your Go-To Cup Or Bottle Says About You

What Your Go-To Cup Or Bottle Says About You

Are you more of a flower mug or YETI Rumbler kind of guy?

It's rare to walk the sidewalks of a college campus and not see students' hands full of some kind of drink. Whether it's water, coffee, your go-to shake, or a mug from home, the drink you decide to carry has turned into quite the identity statement. So, what does your drink say about you?

1. Contigo Water Bottle

If you have a Contigo Water Bottle, chances are that Target is your religion, call your mom about everything, and your laptop is covered with inspirational stickers. Your Pinterest board is on point and your wattle bottle often accompanies you to your weekly Dance Fitness class. You like to make good choices — a reliable and practical bottle, indeed — but you don't like anything too flashy or crazy. Also, more than likely, you've lost at least one in your lifetime because — c'mon now — they go missing ALL. THE. TIME.

2. Starbucks Cup

If your friends don't know if you actually have a left hand or if your wrist just merges right into a Starbucks cup, this one is for you. Let's not deny it, you looove the fact that the local baristas know your order by heart and that you probably have more coffee in your veins than blood. You always seem busy and stressed and you probably claim to have more homework than anyone you know, but yet you will drop anything to catch up with someone over a Cup of Joe. You love fall and probably were the type of person who cries every time something new is added to the menu. #PSLSeason

3. YETI Mug

If you own a YETI, you don't mess around. When you have a job, you get it done and your drink is still cold at the end — but then again, you'd expect nothing less. You wear a lot of flannels, but no one ever calls you out on it, because they just sort of suit you. You also refuse to refer to your drink by the content in the mug and instead ask questions like "Hey, can you pass me my YETI?" But that's understandable, if I paid over $100 for a mug, I wouldn't want to say "Hey, can you pass me the Coke I stole from the dining hall?" either.

4. Over-sized Mug from Home

If you're reading this cradling your mug of organic, herbal tea this might just be the cup for you. Even though the dish you bring to school most certainly was intended for soup, your free spirit and whimsical disposition leave people not even questioning it. However, they do beg the question why you must drink every sip with two hands. If this is your kind of mug, I would guess you love coffee shops and rainy mornings where you can stay in and listen to Indie music with your cat. Props to you for driving your drink every day without a lid... that's talent.

5. Power Shake Bottle

Now, if you own one of these you're either one of two kinds of people. You're either the kind of person who practically lives at the gym, or you're the kind of person who wishes you did. The day you bought this cup you also bought the biggest container of protein powder and followed a dozen fitness accounts on Instagram. Carrying around this cup makes you feel fitter and you love to make smoothies out of everything. Whether you actually go to the gym or not, you're a dedicated person with high goals for yourself. You like being independent, but also love talking to people who share similar interests. You also have no idea why those balls are in all of these cups...no one does.

6. S'well Water Bottle

You're super trendy if you drink out of a S'well water bottle. As soon as these started popping up around campus, you hopped on your computer and probably spent way too long picking out what design to choose. You like quality and don't like putting a little more forth for a better return. You like being unique, but always express it in the most common way possible. More than likely, you love spending time on your phone, which makes it super embarrassing when you drop the bottle in class, the sound of a gong rings throughout, and everyone turns to see you equally as stunned.

7. Red Solo Cup

If you're walking around campus with one of these in your hand, you're at the point where you just don't care anymore. You probably never give much thought about others' opinions and prefer to march to the beat of your own drum — which makes people love you and find you irresistibly funny. Whether you just didn't have any more clean dishes or you woke up from a Thursday night you regret, some sort of unfortunate event had to happen for you to think this was a good idea. But hey, it's college!

Cover Image Credit: Contigo / Instagram

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Cover Image Credit: https://pixabay.com

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9 Quotes That Actually Changed My Life

Sayings that impacted my world view- and that could do the same for you.


It's hard to sum up some of life's most important lessons in a sentence or two. Sometimes, however, quotes hit the nail right on the head. Here are a couple of my favorites and why I like them so much.

9. "The best things in life are on the other side of fear."

These words from Will Smith remind us that life offers incredible opportunities and that it can just take a push past worry to reach them. Try thinking of fear like a door- all you have to do is open it. It could be heavy or require the twist of a key, but it could also be cracked open already. You just have to make the effort to get through.

8. "You're never going to be 100% ready and it's never going to be the right time, but that's the point. It means that every moment is also the right moment."

As a notorious worrier, sometimes I get stuck waiting until I'm ready for things. Thinking about this quote, though, helps me just go for it more often. There's no use in waiting if has to happen anyway, right?

7. "Let yourself be loved."

The cover of the book where this quote came from.

Sometimes, it's too easy to be hard on yourself within your relationships. This is especially true if you know two-faced people- whether they impacted you directly or not. If you get nervous and doubtful over others' intentions or opinions because of that, you're not alone- and that's why this quote from Benjamin Alire Sáenz means so much to me. If there are people in your life who take time to show how much they genuinely care, recognize that and combat the voices that try to get in the way. You are loved. You can let that in.

6. "The perfect is the enemy of the good."

Try thinking of life this way: if you spend too much time on perfectionism, you'll be so set on fixing problems that you'll never stop noticing them. Pay attention to what makes life good, too! You'll never see how much your work pays off, how well your relationships develop, or how beautiful the world can be if you put all your energy into fighting every flaw. Don't sweat the small stuff.

5. "You cannot find peace by avoiding life."

Hiding doesn't get rid of monsters. It just makes them wait for you to come out, if they don't grow impatient and find you first. That's the gist of this saying from Virginia Woolf. It's a nudge to face problems- because if you don't, they'll never actually leave. You'll be so relieved if you stop avoiding them and anyone involved, especially if it inhibits you from living freely and fully. Like Will Smith said- get to the other side. (Great minds really do think alike!)

4. "Don't despise what you feel."

Similarly to the last quote, this lyric from the musical "Falsettos" reminds us not to push away our feelings. Removed from what it specifically references in the show, this can apply to any feeling you don't want to admit. Personally, I've been working on staying positive all the time for a while, but only recently did quotes like this begin to stick (primarily because of this TED talk clip). If you shove your emotions down, you sacrifice the ability to process them and learn from them.

3. "You are not supposed to be anything more or less than the person you are right now."

Whether in work, school, or life in general, it's not unusual to compare yourself to others and or even your own strict expectations. I love this quote because it's a gentle reminder that you don't have to. Everyone is in a different place in life and that's okay.

2. "I don't need you to love me. I don't need you to love."

If you were to ask me what songs changed my life, "I'm Here" from "The Color Purple" would be number 1. The character who sings it has had a harsh, difficult life, but is now overcoming her struggles and building her confidence despite losing an important relationship. If she, after so much tragedy, can stand on her own without this person in her life to love or validate her, so can you.

1. "What's the worst that could happen?"

This phrase has been repeated so much by so many people, but if you put a different spin on it, it can actually be really valuable. If you pinpoint the worst thing legitimately possible, you'll often find that whatever you're facing isn't so scary after all.

All of us are a work in progress, trying to figure out how to move through life, but the help of quotes like these can help push us in the right direction.

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