Every Basic Girl's Stream Of Consciousness Shopping At Target

1. OK, I only need milk and some fruit so I'll only be ten minutes.

2. I'm going to get a basket to limit myself.

3. Let me check out the dollar section first.

4. I'm only going to get this mini chalkboard cause it's cute and I'm sure I can find a way to use this.

5. What was I here for?

6. Right, milk and fruit.

7. *holds up t-shirt* this is cute! I’m just going to get this too.

8.Let me check the clearance rack, I need some cute clothes anyway.

9. *finds cute shirts*

10. They are on sale so it won’t hurt to buy them.

11. *adds 12 shirts to basket*

12. OK, stay focused I’m only here for 2 things

13. *heads to grocery section*

14. This throw blanket would go well with my couch.

15. So would these pillows!

16. I think I need a cart instead of this basket, I’m running out of space.

17. *goes to get cart*

18. Crap! I have been here for 30 minutes already!

19. OK, focus… milk and fruit.

20. Wait I need toilet paper too.

21. And maybe some snacks?

22. Ooooh candles!

23. *smells every candle on the shelf*

24. It’s been almost an hour and a half.

25. OK, toilet paper.

26. Now snacks.

27. I looooovee food!

28. *does weird dance with people watching*

29. That was a little strange...

30. *awkwardly walks away*

31. OK, now to the register,

32. Self-check-out or regular line?

33. Regular line, it is.

34. Holy cow! MY TOTAL IS WHAT?!?

35. *Cries while swiping card*

36. *walks to the door*

37. How am I going to carry all this stuff?

38. *struggles to the car*


40. *gets half way home*

41. Crap! I forgot milk...

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