What You Should Know While Renting a Property in the UAE
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What You Should Know While Renting a Property in the UAE

The UAE is the best place to find your dream job or start a company. Although the country has relatively warmer weather conditions, it has modern cities, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which are the epitome of living a luxurious life.

What You Should Know While Renting a Property in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates has become a good place for foreigners to move, settle, and start a career. The country has friendly policies, allowing people to start successful businesses and achieve financial stability.

The UAE is the best place to find your dream job or start a company. Although the country has relatively warmer weather conditions, it has modern cities, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which are the epitome of living a luxurious life.

However, many people find it challenging to rent a house, apartment, or office space. If you are among them, this article will help you overcome the hassle and streamline the entire process based on ’s experience.

Understand RERA Laws

Knowing and understanding the UAE’s tenancy laws and rights is critical to finding and renting an apartment. The purpose is to legally protect yourself and streamline your relationship with the landlord or property owner.

Understanding the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) guidelines is crucial when renting a property in the UAE. It ensures you and the landlord follow the law and optimize the rental agreement or relevant process.

Abdullah Alajaji recommends finding a property in good condition and ensuring the landlord provides you with accurate information. The UAE law states that the landlord must ensure the property is hygienic and safe.

Discuss your requirements with the potential landlord, including things like the security deposit. If your prospective property owner requires you to deposit a specific amount as security, ensure the landlord agrees to refund it after the agreement/contract expires.

In addition, the landlord can’t increase the rent until they serve you a 90 days notice. You can still live in the apartment or use the property as an office space even if the landlord sells the property. Says knowing your rights as a tenant is important to protect yourself from unpleasant situations.

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Visit and Review the Property

Once you have learned about the UAE laws and tenancy rights, finding a reliable property based on your needs is the next critical step. Abdullah Alajaji recommends seeking help from a professional and experienced real estate agent because they have extensive knowledge of the local market and can find a property based on your requirements.

Similarly, you must visit the property in person, meet the landlord, and ask questions. The purpose is to observe the property, scan the neighborhood, evaluate the apartment’s condition and make an informed decision.

Abdullah Alajaji suggests visiting the property three times to examine the condition and decide whether the apartment is worth your money. There are numerous factors to consider when evaluating the property. These include:

● Natural light and neighborhood view

● Rooms’ spaciousness and amenities

● Condition of fixtures

● Checking plumbing, electrical, and air conditioning systems

● Exterior and interior paint job

● Security systems, including cameras, intercom, and physical guards

● Nearby facilities, like a swimming pool, gym, grocery store, and pharmacy

Register Your Tenancy Agreement

Registering your tenancy agreement is the next critical step to renting a property in the UAE. It requires you to register for Ejari to legally protect yourself and complete the necessary documentation.

You will also need the Ejari registration for Dewa, especially if the apartment or office space is in Dubai. While registering for Ejari, you must provide the UAE Visa, passport, title deed, tenancy agreement, and Dewa connection receipts.

Final Words

Although the UAE is one of the best places to live in the Middle East, finding and renting a property based on your requirements is daunting and time-consuming. It requires you to follow a thorough and step-by-step approach.

Planning is the best way to avoid hassle and optimize the entire process. If you don’t understand how to streamline the tenancy process, you can hire a professional real estate agent to help you find a perfect property.

A qualified and experienced real estate agent has extensive knowledge and expertise in the UAE rental market and can help you find a beautiful property in an ideal location with high-quality amenities. Until Next Time!

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