What You Need To Know Before Dating An Alpha Female

If you’re new to dating an alpha female, it’s best that you understand how our minds work. The only thing tougher than our stilettos is our spunky, domineering exterior. But don't let this scare you away; we're an extraordinarily unique breed that can change you for the better if you give us the chance.

We have a hard time letting people in, after a heartbreak (or two).

We don’t have the energy to be let down by guys anymore; it is emotionally exhausting. We prefer to maintain more of a reserved approach when it comes to dating, which can sometimes be misconstrued as a coldness or bitchiness. Alpha females like us tend exhibit a tough exterior, simply because we don’t believe in revealing the most vulnerable aspects of ourselves right off the bat -- it is essential to earn our trust before we confide in you.

We want someone who will chase us.

We are fed up with being the one who puts fourth all of the effort. Waiting around all night just to be stood up or getting anxious over unanswered text messages is not in our itinerary; this kind of behavior is unacceptable. We gage a man’s commitment to us by the lengths he will go to keep us around. We are perfectly content to be alone, so it takes a special someone to change our minds.

We refuse to settle for mediocrity when it comes to dating.

We can’t be bothered with lackluster dinner dates or “Netflix and chill.” We are challenging and unfazed by cliché romantic gestures. Instead, we crave spontaneity and intoxicating passion. We lust for someone whose presence entices us. We crave a connection so electric it is impossible to resist the urge to touch one another. We would much rather wait for someone who ignites a spark within us than waste our time with just anyone for the sake of not being alone.

We don’t mind being in control.

We will take charge and get crap done. We will never hesitate to plan an kick ass vacation or a lavish get-together for the two of us. Whether it’s texting first, kissing first, or undressing first, we seldom feel shy when it comes to making the first move. Why should we? We have always been the type to chase our unwavering desires. We know what we want and we get it.

We are opinionated and brutally honest.

When we don’t see eye to eye, we want someone who will both compliment and challenge our intellect. Constant agreement is dull. We prefer a communication climate that is forthcoming about issues and conducive to friendly debates. Our inquisitive nature will expand your realm of thought and inspire new ideas. Despite the fact that some find it emasculating or a turnoff, we will ferociously defend our perspective.

We are believers in having separate lives, separate friends, separate interests.

No matter how wonderful you are, we will never lose sight of ourselves. Self-love is a priority. We radiate confidence because we understand the importance of self respect, which makes us irresistibly, magnetically seductive. Getting drinks with our girlfriends, going to the gym, and pampering ourselves are activities that are unthinkable to give up. Doing things that bring us joy are incredibly important. Spending every waking moment together is tiresome and frankly gets old. We find that having a bit more space makes both parties happier and the time spent together more valued.

We are fiercely independent.

No matter the situation, we are determined to sort it out on our own. We don’t feel the need to comply with gender roles, so think again before you try to help us re rack our weights at the gym. We constantly find ourselves saying, “I got it!” Chivalry is appreciated, but too much of it can insult our abilities.

We are ambitious and fast-paced.

Our passion for life is exhilarating. If we fall for you, we will take you to new heights and lead you on unforeseen adventures. We thrive off of being heavily engrossed in work and constantly busy. Whether it be taking on positions of leadership or simply trying to better ourselves, we always have an eye for success. We want someone who will not only be understanding of this but can also keep up.

We know that challenging your dominance can drive you crazy, but it also makes us all the more enticing. If you happen to fall for an alpha female, you will have no doubt that all of your efforts were worthwhile. We refuse to put up with your crap. If you can get past this, we just might be the best damn thing that’s ever happened to you.

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