The CHOP Protest Zone In Seattle That Is Making National Headlines
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The CHOP Protest Zone In Seattle That Is Making National Headlines

The Autonomous Police Free Zone in the Capitol Hill, Seattle Washington

The CHOP Protest Zone In Seattle That Is Making National Headlines

Ah yes, my hometown of Seattle WA never fails to surprise me. This time around my previous neighborhood of Capitol Hill is in the national news for successfully pressuring police out of their station and peacefully marching in numbers of 60,000+ people. This new police-free zone was originally named CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone)but has been renamed to CHOP (Capitol Hill Occupied Protest).

How CHOP became CHOP

After the death of George Floyd, protestors gathered days after days infornt of the Capitol Hill police station standing in front of police officers who reportedly unjustly used tear gas, pepper spray, and flashbangs on protestors. The protestors wore down Seattle PD and they backed down from their post in front of the station and boarded it up to allow protestors to occupy the space to protest for the Black Lives Matter movement.

What it's like inside Seattle's CHOP

They Literally Kicked Police out of Their Station

Who doesn't love to see a good underdog moment?

Protestors are Demanding that Seattle PD be Defunded

Protestors are asking a few things of the police department, including that the police department be defunded by 50% and that the money be reinvested in community programs around the city.

It spans over 6 blocks

Trump is Actively Attacking it on..twitter enjoy!

Referring to this takeover of a few blocks as an act of terrorism over the whole city seems to be a tretch as many are describing the zone similar to a block party or festival.

Ah yes LAW & ORDER candidate has showed more support for the police departments in America than for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Let's just all vote in the upcoming election, sound good?

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