What You Must Know about Scratch off Map
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What You Must Know about Scratch off Map

What You Must Know about Scratch off Map

Are you wondering about what this map is all about, and how it came into existence? Well, here is the good news for you. Scratch off Map was first designed in London by Luckies' cartographers in 2009 before it became common.

Main Properties/ Features

  • The map has a weight of 8 ounces. Thus, you have no need to worry about its mobility.
  • Its dimension is absolutely amasing. It is simply 32.5 × 0 × 23.4 inches. In addition, the size of the map comprises of a single pack.
  • Are you the type that is extra careful when it comes to how something appears? This map has it all covered, as it has an appearance of deluxe edition. Isn't that perfect?
  • The map also constitutes a number of remarkable features that make it even more perfect for its usage. Such include the following;
  • Gradients
  • Terrains
  • Countries
  • States
  • Islands
  • Cities
  • Capitals
  • Landmarks; among other geographical locations that would facilitate the best adventurous trips across the globe.

With a scratch off map, you have all you need to have a successful tour anywhere you wish in this vast world.

Who needs the map?

  • Just in case you are still in doubt with regard to who this map was intended, here is the response to that question. The map is specially meant for all those who enjoy travelling, always aspiring to know more about the world around.
  • The map is meant for everyone who has passion for making those unforgettable trips or tours all over the world. Because it brings the world closer to your door step.

The way to use it

  • Using this map for your convenience is just as simple as counting from 1 to 3. It does not need much work to understand how it works. Its main use includes that of keeping records of the places you have been before. And in turn make it easy for you to keep your memory fresh even when your trip has been long gone.
  • Apart from helping to keep track of where you have been, the map also helps to plan ahead more efficiently, where you desire to have your next trip.
  • Furthermore, the map has been designed with a foil layer which can easily be scratched off using an eraser or finger nail to unveil more details of the location one has been or intends to be.


If travelling is something you can't do without, scratch off map is all you need to have that memorable journey, anywhere around the world. It is super easy to use, because it is just a scratch away from your next destination and you will be there enjoying every good momentwithout worrying about how you ought to move. The map is all you need for that favourite place you have always desired to visit. Why not give it a shot, and see what it can offer you?

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