What You Can Do To Help
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What You Can Do To Help

Ways you can give to non profits and local businesses in Springfield, MO during the COVID-19 crisis.

What You Can Do To Help
Courtney Hittle

If you're religiously checking your bank account, making sure you have enough saved up to make it though this unsteady time, you're not alone. As someone who was raised to pinch pennies in any way possible, it's easy to want to hang onto it for dear life. But, in a time like this, it's more important than ever to give what you can to those who really need it.

Springfield, MO Nonprofits Need Your Help!

1. Ozarks Food Harvest

"Ozarks Food Harvest has established a COVID-19 Hope Fund. We are encouraging the community to help support this by donating money. For every dollar donated, $10 worth of groceries is provided to people in need."


2. Springfield Discovery Center

The Springfield Discovery Center is working to provide free childcare for healthcare workers.


3. The Kitchen

"Our current needs are antibacterial hand gel, disinfecting wipes, daily multi vitamin, socks and your financial support. Thank you to our donors and volunteers for your commitment in fulfilling our mission of bringing stability and purpose to people who are homeless."


4. Community Foundation of the Ozarks Fund


5. Boys and Girls Club

"While our Clubs are closed, our wonderful staff is working round the clock trying to bridge gaps to make sure we are serving our kids and their families." Donations both in food items and monetary amounts are greatly appreciated.


6. Care To Learn

"In the face of these extraordinary circumstances, Care to Learn remains committed to providing immediate assistance to meet the emergent health, hunger, and hygiene needs of students."


7. Arc of the Ozarks

Arc of the Ozarks is in need of cleaning and medical supplies in order to best serve their patients. "The Springfield Division of The Arc of the Ozarks provides services including: residential supports, employment, community integration, autism services, dual diagnosis programs along with Education and Recreation programs."


8. Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope continues to provide meals for those in need, and their services are now needed more than ever.


9. Community Blood Center of the Ozarks

With a recent drop in blood donations, donors are needed now more than ever.


10. I Pour Life

"We teach individuals with social and economic disadvantages how to identify and apply their unique strengths to become self-sufficient." Career and life skills for those in need our the community will be especially needed during this time.


How to Support Downtown SGF and Small Businesses 

1. "Welcome to Springfield: We're Closed!" Facebook Group

This Facebook Group helps spread the word about local businesses who are offering special services during the pandemic.


2. Downtown Springfield Association Restaurant Info

This webpage provides info about to-go and curbside services available at restaurants in the downtown area.


3. Downtown Springfield Association Retailer Info

This webpage provides info about how to support local retailers during this time.


4. Mother's Industry Support Fund

Mother's Brewing Company has launched an Industry Support Fund in partnership with Community Foundation of the Ozarks, which raises money for unemployed hospitality workers throughout the Springfield downtown and metro areas.


5. 5 Pound Apparel Support SGF Shirt

"For EVERY purchase of our Support SGF tee, we will donate $15 to any Springfield business of YOUR choice." https://www.5poundapparel.com/collections/new-t-shirts/products/support-sgf

6. 5 Pound Apparel T-Shirt Club

Support Ozarks Food Harvest by joining the T-Shirt Club, which sends you one unique t-shirt every month for five months.


7. Downtown Springfield Curbside Bingo

"Players can make purchases at any Downtown business to cover up squares on their downloadable bingo card. The first player to fill five connecting squares will win a prize package from the DSA."


COVID-19 Relief Funds Outside of Springy That You Should Consider Donating To

1. Love Beyond Walls

Love Beyond Walls is an Atlanta-based nonprofit that is currently working to extend their "Love Sinks In" campaign across the world. This project provides hand sinks for the homeless, which allow the communities impacted access to a much-needed resource, especially during this time.


2. Refugees International

"Refugees International has used its independent advocacy to improve the way aid is delivered and to ensure that the rights of all displaced people are respected." Aid is especially important in this time of crisis, when close quarters and a shortage of supplies could be deadly for families in crisis.


3. Partnership With Native Americans

"Every day, there is a shortage of healthy food, safe drinking water, healthcare and stores in remote reservation communities — and now more than ever with COVID-19."


4. Coloring KC

The Pitch, a magazine based in KC, MO, teamed up with 60 local artists to create a digital coloring book. All proceeds from sales are split evenly between the artists involved.


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