Have you ever liked someone so much that anything they do or say is looked over and not even given a second thought because you're just totally blinded by lust? Yeah, unfortunately that happens. It is one thing to accept someone's flaws, but it is another to not realize how incompatible they are for you. Whether you're casually dating, in a relationship, etc, it's funny how we ignore all the warning signs, especially when all your friends are literally telling you them to your face! The truth hurts, but your friends are showing that they really care when they are concerned and being honest with you. You may not like what you hear, you may choose to go against their word of judgment and that's fine because we need to make our own mistakes sometimes. At the end of the day, they are probably 100% correct.

-Maybe you don't notice that they are moving too quickly for your usual pace. Every time they mess up, upset your family, whatever the situation may be, you always run back to them and defend them. If your friends are advising you to break things off and if your family doesn't even like them, those are two very obvious signs things aren't going to work if you continue to ignore your loved ones' advice. You need to break things off now.

-When all your conversations are based on flirting and not really conversation, that's a huge no no. There's a lack of good communication there and communication is key. If you can't talk about your day, your life, your feelings, how is your relationship going to grow? If you're the one putting the effort in to talk to them all the time and they can't reciprocate, end things. If they only talk the most when it's about themselves, but have nothing to say when it's your turn to take over the conversation, end things. If they can't think of things to talk about and there are too many instances of "awkward silences", end things. If they base all of their forms of communication through text or Snapchat, END.THINGS. There are such things as a phone call or a FaceTime. I'd rather hear a person's voice and/or see their face as opposed to trying to figure out the tone in their very dry text messages.

-What about the people who say things that sound like they have a history of getting obsessively attached? Well, you glaze over that part because you think, "oh, it's only one instance. Maybe they aren't like that anymore." RED FLAG ALL THE WAY. If someone gets way too attached in a way that it becomes creepy, that's when you know you have to leave. Listen to your friends. They are wise and they see things from an outside perspective with no emotional attachment to the situation so they have a better grasp on things. When all your friends are telling you to be careful, they are right.

They say love blinds you. Though you may not be in love just yet or anything that extreme, when it comes down to it, it is the same concept. We want to believe that things will work. We want to push aside the negative aspects because we are so focused on the positive and the way we are feeling. Listen to your heart. That little gut instinct you are feeling, go with it because it never steers you wrong. It's amazing how much you notice once you step back from the situation and truly realize all of the signs you missed.