We all make up excuses as to why we don't want to do things. The most popular excuse is that we just "don't have time" or that there "aren't enough hours in the day." The truth is, there's 24 hours in the day and most of us aren't actually busy or sleeping all 24 of those hours–we just like to think that we are. If you really care about something, there's always time for it. We, living in this age of technology, are attached to our cell phones, so there's always a couple seconds to send a text message or make a phone call since we're already mindlessly looking at them anyway. It seems that when we say that we don't have time, we're actually saying something else.

1. You aren't that important to me.

2. I was sidetracked by doing something else.

3. I forgot about it.

4. I procrastinated.

5. I didn't want to hurt your feelings by admitting the truth.

6. I didn't actually want to do it.

7. I'd rather be sleeping.

8. I wasn't ready for this.

9. I didn't care about it.

10. I was on the fence about it.

11. I already have plans.