Why Millennials Hate Making Plans
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Why Millennials Hate Making Plans

Trying to make plans with millennials is the most frustrating thing ever.

Why Millennials Hate Making Plans
Nicole Infantes

In a time long, long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, friends would call each other on landlines and after talking to each other for a while, would make plans to meet up in the future. For millennials, words like "landline," "talking" and "plans" might be foreign. But back then, this was just how things worked. The even crazier part was that if you agreed to meet up at a restaurant at 8 o'clock, that was when you got to the restaurant.

No one wants to be tied down.

Forget trying to make plans any more than three days beforehand. Anything more than that and the other person's brain fries trying to think about what they might be doing on that day. They don't even know what they're doing that night. Agreeing to plans means they are locked down to going, and the idea of no options gives millennials anxiety. There is always the possibility of something better coming up.

The fear of missing out (FOMO).

I have a theory that cell phones are the root of millennials' fear of commitment to make plans. Back in the day FOMO wasn't experienced until days after when you were hearing your friend's stories of their wild night that you weren't at. Now, it's happening in real time and all you can think about is how can you leave and get there. Instead of going to what looks like the party of the year, you're seeing "Star Wars" for the third time.

Too lazy to do anything.

Going out means putting on real people clothes and for us ladies, makeup so we don't look like potatoes. For some of us, that is a huge deal breaker. So, if a millennial doesn't want to go out with you, don't take it personally, they're probably just super lazy. If you want to come over and nap or just watch Netflix and eat pizza in our sweatpants, I am down for that 100 percent of the time.

Always running late.

If you are lucky enough to get a millennial to commit to plans and to keep those plans when they finally come around, then be prepared for them to be at least 20 minutes late. This is another example of laziness coming into play. Instead of getting ready when they should have, they were in bed contemplating if they should get up or not. Eventually they realized they had 20 minutes to get ready now and panicked but then they just accept the fact they are going to be late.

To our generations defense, we are all extremely busy. Trying to juggle school, jobs and a social life is difficult. Sometimes the social life aspect needs to take the back burner. With such hectic schedules, making plans can be tricky because we don't really know when we're free. So when it comes to making plans with millennials be patient. It can be frustrating, but when you're with us we'll have a blast.

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