What I Want My Parents To Know After My First Year At College
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What I Want My Parents To Know After My First Year At College

Dear Mom and Dad, It's Your Daughter the Freshmen In College

What I Want My Parents To Know After My First Year At College
Dear Mom and Dad,
There’s a lot of things I’ve learned here at school so far, but the most important thing I’ve learned is how much I love you both so much. Being at school isn’t the easiest thing to do, any freshmen can agree with me on that. Being away from home is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I spent all of my high school career dreaming of being hours away on my own experiencing life and now I’m here and god do I miss you guys.
To thank you guys for all you’ve done for me isn’t nearly enough. But of course, I will say it anyway. Thank you. Without you guys, I’d be nothing. I’d be less than nothing really. You guys push me just enough and make me believe in myself. You give me the right advice and even from 282 miles away you guys pick me up and wipe my tears away (virtually). I haven’t nearly thanked you guys for anything you do for me because I had become so accustom to it that now without you guys I feel a part of me is missing. I know I know guys you’re always right here in my heart, I know!!! Theres just something different from having you actually here. To have you guys tell me to put my clothes away or man clean my dang room. I miss climbing on the couch after a rough day and just leaning against one of you. Now I climb in bed after rough days and wish I could just hear your guys voice. Thank god for facetime, am I right?
You guys have made me into the women I am, you guys have pushed me and helped me in so many ways. You’ve taught me to stand tall to be proud of who I am, you’ve taught me to be mature way before I had to be. You let me take my time at things I was scared to do but told me I could do it. You both have the perfect recipe for being a parent. You taught me how to love myself, how to get myself to remember that not everything is the end of the world (even when I swore it was). You guys make me giggle when I’m down, even when it is just making fun of me for pronouncing something wrong. You guys are my whole heart and soul, I couldn’t love or miss for that matter two people more.
Mom – oh god I know you’re probably crying by now, so I’m wiping the tears from here don’t worry. I know I don’t get to call as much or talk all night or cuddle in bed with you when you want, but trust me when I say I miss it. I miss your voice and your love. I miss watching SVU with you on Wednesday. I miss you just coming into my room and telling me about what’s making you sad. I miss you so much, I miss you more than words can express.
Dad – Oh daddy, how I can’t tell you how much I miss drives in your car with you, how much I miss your laugh. I miss you so much. I miss cuddling up next to you watching hockey games and you yell and I laugh because it’s still so funny that you think they can hear you. I’m so grateful for all the facetime sessions to make me laugh and smile, you do that better than anyone. I love being daddy’s little princess, I always will be your little princess.
So sincerely thank you, I am so grateful to have you guys as my parents. You guys are the best parents any kid can ask for. I love you both with all I have.
Love always,
Your forever baby

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