To My Best Friend's New Roommate

To My Best Friends New Roommate: Here's What You Need To Know

And trust me, you're going to want to know


1. She's crazy

2. She is always down for everything, no matter how spontaneous

Chances are she's already got the car packed and ready to go.

3. Chick-fil-a

If you ask what food she's in the mood for, it's a number 3 with fries and a Dr. Pepper.

4. There is nothing a Taylor Swift song can't fix

Specifically: You Belong With Me, Mine, Haunted, and Fearless, but they all work, as long as it's one of the old albums (obviously).

5. She is incredibly innovative

Whether it's a wardrobe malfunction or dorm room problem, she's got you covered.

6. Supportive is her middle name

Never feel as though you can't tell her one of your problems, no matter how irrelevant it might seem. I promise she's got all the snacks and tissues ready to go, just for you.

7. She is hilarious

Whether you are laughing with her or at her, she always knows just the thing to say at just the right time.

8. It's the little things

She'll come to you on a bad day with your favorite ice cream, and surprise you on a good day with some candy, just to show you she cares and I promise it will make your day.

9. But.... school come first-

She makes an excellent study-buddy though!

10. There is not a Disney movie that she does not love

She will probably say every word along with it as well.

11. She's a mess

If you're a messy person too, you guys might be lucky. Otherwise, you might have to set up some ground rules.

12. She is a major dog-lover

Any and all dogs, she loves 'em. In fact, if she sees a dog while walking, she'll probably go out of her way just to pet it.

13. She is brave

She stands up for what she believes in, and is not afraid to voice her opinion.

14. She is always going to be there

Through thick and thin- she's got your back.

15. You are so lucky to get to live with her

Go have the time of your life and the craziest adventures, now's the time!

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From The Girl Who's In Shape But Not Perfect

Embrace the treadmill. But also embrace pizza.

So, here's the thing:

I'm a girl who is in shape, but hey, I'm still human. Let me explain...

I can run a 5K.

But I still get completely winded going up the stairs.

I go to the gym most days of the week.

But, I have a lot of days where I just don't move from my bed.

I try to eat healthy as often as I can.

But sometimes, a whole pizza with everything on it is the only thing that hits the spot.

I have muscles that I'm proud to show off.

But I also have rolls when I sit, which I am also proud to show off.

I'm also proud to admit that:

Chocolate is still my stress reliever.

Some days I can't get myself to go to the gym.

Sometimes I eat a bag of Doritos after my workout.

I have days where any remote form of physical activity sounds like hell.

Food is my best friend.

So yes, I'm in shape. But I'm absolutely not the "perfect" in-shape girl.

I'm proud of my body and everything that it can do, and I treat it in the best way that I can. I stay in shape, I run, I exercise, and I eat things that are good for me. However, I'm also a girl who loves herself a burger and fries, who spends a whole day in bed, who has fat on her body and lives a normal life. I have school, work, homework, a social life - my health is absolutely one of my top priorities, but I'm not worrying about how I didn't go to the gym this day or how I ate four cookies that day. As long as I can look at myself and know that I'm treating my body well and I'm happy with myself, I'm good with it.

Your health should be important to you, but your emotional and mental well-being should be important, too. And sometimes, instead of the usual day in the gym, a day in bed is what you need.

Embrace your rolls. Embrace your muscles. Embrace that pizza. Embrace a fruit salad. Embrace your bed. Embrace the treadmill.

You're all good, girl.

Cover Image Credit: Marion Michele

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Take The Time To Pronounce Names Correctly, They Mean A Lot

What's in a name? Plenty.


Names are often one of the first labels we get. It often makes us who we are and is deeply embedded in our sense of self. It's the word the world knows you as. Many people change their names to make them feel more like themselves. This speaks volumes to the effect a name has on you.

A name is a word like any other, just used to label someone. Like any other word, saying the word properly is important, especially because it is tied so closely to someone's sense of self.

Butchering someone's name consistently is simply unacceptable. Sure some names may be harder to pronounce and may seem unnatural but not trying is not okay. If you can get names like Stravinsky and Chmerkovskiy, a Nandini, Radhika, or Namrata shouldn't be too hard.

For some reason, it often seems like people have a hard time pronouncing names of people of color, which honestly seems a little odd to me considering many caucasian names are just as unconventional.

Comedian Hasan Minhaj recently appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and addressed this issue. He pointed out that no one has an issue with the name Ansel Elgort, but they seem to have an issue with his name. Later, he joked that he goes by the name Timothée Chalamet at Starbucks, which they can handle just fine.

Mistakes are okay. We're all human and you're not expected to get everything correct on the first try. But simply accepting that you can't say it and not making an effort is disrespectful.

You don't need to say the name in the accent of the culture it's from. Say it in your accent but like any other word, keep the same number of syllables and put an emphasis on the correct vowels. Eventually, getting it will expand your horizons just a little bit more. Either way, trying is better than not trying.

That being said, to the people that need to correct others' pronunciation on their name, do it. If you don't tell people how to pronounce it, you can't expect them to get it properly. Many of us introduce ourselves with a name that isn't truly ours; it's a version that accommodates others.

Remember though, there is no shame in your beautiful, unique name so there is no need to anglicize it. Your parents didn't give you that name for it to fit better in other people's mouths.

Our names make up a large part of our basic identity and getting it right is beneficial for everyone.

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