Some people like studying astrology, other people look into other means of personalities like taking the Meyers-Briggs personality tests. If you've ever taken a personality test, you'd remember a 4 letter phrase that "defines" you. I had to retake one because the last time I took one, I was a naive little 15 year old. Turns out I am just a bit off of what I used to be. But, if you are an ENFP, or know of anyone that is an ENFP, let's read more about them in relationships!

An ENFP-T is considered the "campaigner". To be dating a campaigner, you have to understand the free spirit this personality type carries. This type of person has a very optimistic mind who enjoys looking at life in the more creative side.

Dating a campaigner will mean you need to get ready for all the exciting new ideas that they may have and want to share, even if you think they are absolutely ridiculous. But to a campaigner, when being in a relationship with them, they trust you more than anyone else because they feel the connection so deeply. They don't just share their ideas and creative outlooks on life with just anyone.

In addition to falling hard for their partner, you'll realize that they enjoy giving to their partner. They enjoy showering them with the right attention and affection needed to keep the relationship strong. They don't over do-it, they just know what will keep the relationship hot. This is the true devoted quality in a campaigner.

If you're in a long distance relationship with a campaigner, don't worry. Since they're completely devoted to you, they will make the relationship work with all they got. A long distance relationship actually challenges the campaigner to be the best it can be by showing that they are true to you and only you.

A campaigner shows their love through actions. They are not always that great with words because of how creative they can be, which can be confusing to more practical personalities, but they know how to show love through action and that's a way to a campaigners heart as well. The campaigners kind of treat their relationships as a priority and will be a perfectionist when it comes to the idea that such passionate acts of love shouldn't be done carelessly. If you don't love me, DON'T SAY YOU LOVE ME!

If you think you're capable of dealing with a campaigner's neediness, occasional hot fuses and emotional days, wild imaginations and spontaneous adventures, then expect to be with someone who goes absolutely all-in. It may seem like a campaigner is easy to be figured out, but you'll soon realize that this is just the surface of the campaigner and there is much more to learn about them deep inside. Don't be fooled, it sounds like the campaigner is a huge lover, but it takes a lot for them to fall for you. They are all about mutual feelings, so if they don't have a good feeling from you, they will not go all-in. The campaigner feeds off of positive energy the universe needs.

This is just an insight of an ENFP-T. If you're seriously falling for this person, I'm sure reading this put a smile on your face somehow, someway. Good luck! ;)